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Survive under Recession

■Survive under Recession

■type of business that expand the recession
A corporate field that expands by the age seems to change even if it is said the time of the recession. Especially, foreseeing it is serious though strength in the recession in the future might change. If this is understood beforehand, you might be able to become a winner.

For instance, public works (public building construction like road works etc.)30 or more years ago, it was said that the field (for instance, machine for the research) that the local government ordered was a good type of business.
It intentionally made it as recessional measures like that so that the country and the local government may turn money to the private organization as a tight economic times measures.
After the recession oil crisis of 1974, the municipality got depressed, and it became severe where and such a tendency got depressed.
It seems to be useless now though was called that the gambling industry like pachinko and past horse racing, etc. is strong in the recession. When it was a recession after the bubble, the consumer credit and the pawnshop extended the achievement.
In general, it is said that types of business of food, the medicine, and public interest (electric power and gas), etc. are strong in the recession.


■Way of business of recession
It cannot be without consuming something as long as man is alive. Even if it is recessional, it is the same.
Even if it is recessional, consumption other than life cannot be stopped. Everything sells even if it is recessional.
However, the salary decreases because it is recessional.
Therefore, the too high one cannot be bought. The useless one is omitted.
In general, the recession is a way of business that bargain sales make a profit most.


■Law of business that makes a profit
There is a law of the boom and the business that is recessional and makes a profit.
Do not do the one against the flow in the age.

There are "Business that removes painfulness" and "Business that gives pleasure" when the business is divided by the pain and pleasure.
It is four (the saving, the medical treatment, the education, and the religion) what one you are in the business that removes the pain.
The person pays money in the business that removes the pain regardless of business the boom and the recession.
Therefore, the recession makes a profit as for the business that removes the pain.

'Saving' removes the pain that pays money. The used car and recycling are savings.
It is less expensive that the housing improvement etc. also rebuild the house.

'Medical treatment' also removes the pain of sickness.
The notification of cancer is sure to be received even if it is poor and to leave by nobody.

'Education' removes the uneasiness in the future under the recession.
It qualifies to avoid it, and it tries to acquire the skill.

People request the relief of the mind from 'Religion'. The end wants to rely on the religion and becomes it. It is also originally true that there are a lot of corruption religions that demand a large sum of offering and the prayer fee though it is not a business.

On the other hand, businesses that give pleasure are businesses of the play such as restaurants and amusement parks.
After that, it is a house and new car sales of building.
When it is a recession, does the person think that he or she pays money of the business that gives pleasure?
The eating and drinking chain that goes bankrupt and Theme Park closed one after another ・・・ The business that gives pleasure doesn't make a profit in case of the recession because the people give priority to the escape from the pain more than pleasure.

Then, how about the Thai old fashioned massage under the recession?
Because the person is a living thing of the living body, it is sure to become tired without reference to age or sex.
If the pain in the body can be removed, the salon will surely be visited.
I want to be healed by this salon to survive in a lot of relaxation industries that are if it says more.
If it is the same one as another place, it is acceptable also in another place.
It is the best to provide service only in my shop.
It might be tight at the level the therapist's merely chasing order.
The Thai old fashioned massage is a tradition medical treatment that the history in 2500 brought up.
Can you say that the tradition medical treatment was mastered only by remembering order?
If the technology at the level that can be actually felt that the pain is removed, and the physical condition improved can be offered, keeping is surely good at the customer.
If you have a salon, why don't you allow the good one to be offered cheaply?
Even if the business trip is started as a side job, you will be able to secure the amount to which the salary decreased even if the lowest if there is a regular occupation.
The school of the Thai old fashioned massage might be also good. It is because the lack of faith in the future is removed.
Though it is the most useless if it is not a school at the level to which the tradition medical treatment can be mastered.
To our regret, uneasiness cannot be removed under the recession by the qualification with low school and eminence with low eminence.
It only has to act as an official recognition school of TTMA.

Please consult TTMA when being feel insecurity in the future if management is not fragrant due to the recession.

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