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Management Needs Balance

■Management Needs Balance

Trying to improve the technology and service is a starting point of business. Anything doesn't start when this is inferior. However, even if this is the same thing, and a wonderful engineer for the engineer, it cannot necessarily be said that it is a good manager. The part excluding this is needed with the management sense. To do as a manager even if it is originally an engineer, a balanced management sense is needed in above all.

1. possible to become a figure
You will associate with a lot of figures to continue the business. It is necessary not only process such a figure like sales, expenditure, and the profit, etc. but also to tie to management well, and to turn out profit.

2. polishing the sense of money values
Always understand rough revenue and expenditure. If about how much sales are not raised, ・・・・・・ must not make a profit so-so no ton ton will roughly understand should no deficit in sales because good in the sense of the household account book though doesn't know it goes up how much. there is pay this month about very much though it doesn't know whether there is about how much balance in the bank nowThe section named accounting is a bookkeeping. It is because it is a charge who records in a word, and doesn't exist because the figure is analyzed as long as it is not a big enterprise either by a managerial aspect.

3. improving the business power
Management doesn't work out if there is no work no matter how the commodity power of the technology and service, etc. is confident. The effort to know first of all is ..[kukoto].. important for a lot of people of PR point of the shop because of it not is because someone directs work. It only has to do an advertising advertisement putting the budget on sales promotion on the homepage etc. because it is not good at immediate business. An advertising advertisement of the salon is business clearly power. Otherwise, oneself runs as immediate business or, it makes efforts to promotion as a manager. There were a lot of salons that withered without making efforts even to any before. Very regrettably.

4 .polishing the information processing ability
The present age is an information society. Various information is flooded, a selfish excuse and the rationale are performed, and various sense of values exists together. It is correct what in such information, and the ability to judge what is necessary for me is very important. Do you know the story where it goes to the isolated island in the Southern sea with salesman A of shoes and Mr. B for the marketing research?Mr. A struck the company telegraph on the evening of the day when it arrived. 「Possibility none, that shoes sell here at all. All local people put it out. 」、Mr. B reported so. 「The possibility is unlimited, that shoes sell here. All local people put it out. 」It is a story that only this differed in the view and the idea of the one though it is Mr. A who saw quite the same one and it is Mr. B.

Then, let's analyze the shop. Does the salon become better?Is it already a limit?
Simply, it is sales = the number of of guest × customer transaction. If sales of 200,000 yen a day are necessary, it might be good even for the unit price 5000 yen by 40 guests. It might be good even for the unit price 10,000 yen by 20 guests. It consists for the unit price as much as 20,000 yen per ten guest. Sales double, too, if one is doubled either. Measures only have to be analyzed calmly when the situation is not good and to be taken. The salon of me who surely raises the profit depending on me must be greatly happy than it invests in the strange stock and it loses.

5. supporting Eyes that see the person
It is a person that treats the figure and information even if the age changes. It is necessary to ascertain whether the other party is a necessary other party it for me or is not so firmly. It is the world in the business with the cheat and cheating of the customer, too. A manual salesman who says only it is good is useless. The person who can clearly say what can the person in charge able not to be able to do and what to do by you can trust it. There might be a scene instantaneously judged from the interview to employ the employee, too. There are unexpectedly a lot of people who do such a remark to the person who came for the interview. "It was not given by the person in the company of former" and "Resigned because there was a problem in the interpersonal relationship" Do not adopt the type so. In many cases, the interpersonal relationship did not go smoothly because there was a problem in the human nature of the person in question.

6. acquiring the management ability
The management ability doesn't lack it if it takes on an employee. The management ability is three ("PLAN", "DO", and "CHECK") management is to raise the result by handling the person. In a word, the person doesn't change if not directing it. In "PLAN", it is important to explain the purpose, the meaning, and the way of work neatly. Next, first working together is important in "DO". The person doesn't change easily only even if it instructs it. It is the one that the solidarity arises in toil and moiling together. "CHECK" is to evaluate it at the end. It was well-made. It is evaluated that it becomes better when here is done so. The person grows up only after this three becomes complete.

7. polishing the human power
The result responsibility is always asked to the manager in advancing the business. Let's assume that sales were not good. The president took the questionnaire "What the cause with a bad sales do you think?" in all members of the staff by unsigned. There was such an answer. "The shop just still opened a store and it was not known", "The price is high", and "The place is cramped. " ・・・ The opinion "I did not hand out leaflets more", "I did not take communications more with the customer", and "I did not do more by the sweat of one's brow" was 0 here. A point common of everything is here. If you say collectively「Entire president. You are bad. 」Thus, it does. In the responsibility, there are "another-reproach" and "Self-reproach". It is another-reproach to do it is because of others anything when no goodness comes. Reflecting as I am also honest is self-reproach. It is the one by all means to want to think as order in order of self-reproach → another-reproach.

There is actually a person of various types though it seems to be seemingly competent and sees it. It is a knowledge person, a discernment person, and more discernment person,etc.The knowledge person is knowledgeable. The person who wins the championship by the quiz show because there is knowledge might be this type. However, it might be only it. The discernment person is a person who knowledge and joined here his idea. Person of critic type in a word. The opinion is this and that made. It comments. However, any responsibility is not taken. There are unexpectedly a lot of people of such a type. more discernment person is a person who tries to be knowledge, there be neatly my idea there, change voluntarily, and extrapolate the results. It is necessary to do as more discernment person if it does as a manager. Which type are you today?

「There is no good talent. It is not given by the person. 」There are a lot of managers who complain. The fly comes near to shit. The butterfly comes near to a beautiful flower. It has already understood. Let's stop having already complained. It is because it is like calling shit of me. If the man power is not polished, the person doesn't follow.

Management is originally happy. The junk ball always comes. How is it done, do it clear, and a real game. The life game goes well surely if the person can enjoy not thinking too much difficultly by the game sense though it became popular in old times. The manager of the perfection for perfect man to be either doesn't exist either. Please demonstrate own individuality. First of all, oneself enjoys it. A lot of customers and staff gather surely there because they enjoy it. Let's send a happy life that loudly practices the desire than sending a trivial life without doing anything. TTMA surely becomes a view in a pinch.

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