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Calculate Practice Fund 

Let's calculate Practice Fund!

The practice fund is roughly divided into two. It is "Reserve assets. " the necessity by the time a business is opened. After a business is opened, "Operating fund" is needed.

■The rent of a necessary preparation fund
1. a rent deposit of the store
The deposit, the security money, the fee, and the agent commission are included and the rent of the first moon is included. The deposit is one - month in a usual house. This becomes a treatment of security money, and 6-10 months become usual for the store. It is often an contract redeemed for several months at the update time of every 2-3 though it is the one that returns when evacuating it to say nothing of the security money. Moreover, note that there is an obligation to keep the same when it borrows with no equipment has adhered and to return.

When the store of 300,000 yen is rented, the agent commission needs 1.8 million yen for the security money six months, and for instance, the rent of 300,000 yen and the first moon is 300,000 yen in one month, and 2.4 million yen is needed first. The payment of the rent on 2nd month will be paid at time from which sales have not stood yet because the construction after it borrows the article and the rent comes to be generated starts when redecorating.

2. redecorating expense
This is greatly different according to the business style. If it is only business trip business, it is enough only by the preparation for the mat. There is a case where several ten million hang, too, too, if it is thought that the salon with the grade feeling is made. It will run up more than the amount of construction and electrical work around water thinks that it borrows the article to which no equipment in electricity and the water circumference, etc. is attached for the store. The floor is usually pasted, the wall is put up, and it becomes a place where crossing is pasted with the interior. It understands well when not only confirm in the plan but also confirming it by the rendering of the solid.

3. furnishing goods
In the store, some decoration is needed. Please select it carefully so as not to blur the image. It seems to be able to do shopping that can consent the choice examining it closely in furniture and General Store in Japan. It runs up the materials management cost from the commodity price though there seem to be a lot of people who consider buying it in the Thai locale. Transportation includes air mail and shipping service, etc. , and choose according to the price and the transportation period, please. It doesn't come too recommended because it takes time afterwards very much though the materials management cost attaches cheaply though it sends to the port in Japan by ship, and there is a method of my customs clearance etc.It is called [doatou;doa] to send it to the address of the salon, and is a lot when insuring through the international distribution company such as UPS and sending attach consequentially and cheaply. seemFurnishing goods will choose the one with the impact according to the decoration of redecorating for the store. It just becomes confused even if a detailed thing how many to decorate my room is arranged and it doesn't lead to the expression of the image.

4.advertising advertisement
In doing the business, an advertising advertisement is necessary. Let's have knowing first of all with many tools such as the business card, the salon card, the homepage, the blog, the handbill, pamphlets, and posters. Recently, it is possible to raise it cheaply by bringing data in directly to the trader. However, it is necessary to recognize ahead of that very design important. The logo mark, the image color, the font, and the image photograph, etc. just deteriorate the image oppositely with many tools in asunder. The sense of balance is necessary for the manager for a necessary part though feelings that want to suppress the budget are understood well. do a necessary investment

5.necessary equipment
The telephone, the fax, the personal computer, the heating-cooling combination appliance, the washing machine, the register, the locker, and the safe, etc. are needed.

6.business supplies
Business supplies such as the stamp, the rubber stamp, the slip, the form, pens, and envelopes are also necessary.

The communication expense such as stamps and articles of consumptions of tea, toilet paper, the tissue, the towel, the blanket, the detergent, the garbage bag, oil, and cream, etc. are also necessary.

Operating fund necessary after a business is opened
I want to set the operating fund a lot to some degree. When the business is started, unexpected money is needed. The operating fund is divided into fixed costs and variable costs.

1.fixed costs
Rent, labor cost, utilities cost, communication expense, rental revenue, and redemption of borrowings, etc.

2. variable costs
Subcontract expense, transportation rates, stocking expense, and advertising, etc.

※Because there is usually not stocking for the salon, the operating fund is fewer than other types of business and lives. Preparing it might be good for the salon though it is said that the operating fund of about six months is necessary for generating stocking for three months or more.
※Employee's salary is classified into the labor cost. It becomes a treatment of subcontract expense when asking by the percentage.

■the financial plan sample
preparation fund
operating fund
payment in
payment out
fixed costs
variable costs
opening one month ago
opening the first month
opening the  second month
opening the third month
A 2,000,000
B 2,000,000
C 2,900,000
D 6,000,000
Let's calculate preparation fund.
preparation fund=(A 2,000,000)+(B 2,000,000)+(C 2,900,000)-(D 6,000,000) =2,400,000


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