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Let's Make Organic Cocktails 

■Let's make. Thai spa organic cocktail
We introduce the recipe of the non-alcohol organic cocktail that can taste resort spa feelings in the south as an after drink as welcome-drink of the salon.

It is a drink that introduces here actually being offered with Thai spa healing space muu of the TTMA official recognition. How also in your salon?

○Banana & honey milk drink
(recipe)The banana, milk, and honey are sprinkled on the mixer. When crushed ice is added at the same time, it is better.
(effect)In the banana, enough stamina field and the dietary fiber with the immediate effect are companions of ginger.
It is regulating the functions of the intestines when matching it to milk. The number of white blood corpuscles increases. It is possible to expect it also of immunity UP.

○Yogurt mango juice
(recipe)The mango is put in the yogurt and it puts it on the mixer.
(effect)The mango also is abundant vitamin A, and has vitamin C and B1.
It is useful for the collagen formation, and good also for eyes. The antioxidative effect strongly becomes prevention of cancer, too.
Additionally, it is effective also in arteriosclerosis, the cold constitution, cramps, the stiff neck, and the perimenopausal symptom.

○Black pineapple juice
(recipe)It mixes it putting several leaves of a black pine in the juicer, and adding water a little. The fuck-shit is exceeded and the lime is squeezed.
(effect)Because chlorophyll, vitamin A, C, K, the iron content, and calcium, etc. are contained as a chief component, we will improve the action of one's bowels. Blood is made a whispering, and the effect to lower blood pressure is expected.
It is effective also for other cold constitution, sleeplessness, anorexia, and neuralgia.
It is moreover because of saying that there is an effect of excreting the nicotine absorbed to the inside of the body by the pine needle extract to outside of the body though paid attention as a no smoking commodity recently.

○Freshness houttuynia cordata drink (ten medicine honey)
(recipe)The small quantity of water and houttuynia cordata are wholly put on the mixer. It exceeds and the lemon is added.
(effect)Though the effect changes into houttuynia cordata in the life and dryness
Waste matters collected in the inside of the body are exhausted with the diuretic action and the laxative property.
[Rabon] system element and the potassic salt that makes the capillary strong are contained.
Constipation, the hemorrhoidal worry reduction, and hepatitis are obstructed, the improvement, high blood pressure, the heart disease, gastritis, the stomach ulcer, the perimenopausal symptom, the cold constitution, and the body of the diabetic constitution feel heavy, and it is effective in the tinnitus of tiredness of headache and the n
erve and uncertain causes etc.


Thai spa healing space muu is here.
2-23-8 Tomigaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo-to TTMA building
tel: 03-5790-8165


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