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Testicle Massage "Japkasai"  

■Testicle Massage "Japkasai"  

The testicle massage is a massage method in Thailand done by the name "Japkasai", and lymphes in the testicle and the surroundings are stimulated. It is said that the effect will cause the effect for easing the energy reinforcement, the kidney function recovery, lumbago, and the backache. In the effect of immediate stimulation, it is said that the blood stream increases by healthy reinforcement of the testicle, the hardness when erecting increases, and the amount of semen increases.

It stimulates autonomic massaging the whole body putting the beginning when this testicle is massaged. And, after working such as internal organs and hormones is activated, it is done for about ten minutes. The person who receives it first also includes the person who feels stimulation where electricity runs in the whole body a lot though the effect of this testicle massage is different depending on the person.

"Japkasai" is the one in the Thai old fashioned massage that had been handed down as a technique with a high difficulty that the man gives the man. It is likely to go as a performance for the sex club to pull the tourist, and it is necessary to note it also in the Thai locale. There is a side that came to be misunderstood, "Japkasai" is "Sexual service by the woman" to our regret today, too.

Originally, we do not touch the penis in this testicle massage. The testicle of each scrotum is first warmed with a hot cloth in the one given to the testicle and the lymph node in the circumference to the last for several minutes as the procedure. Then, the scrotum loosens, and flexibility increases. The surface of the testicle is lifted lightly from the side in the back to spread the lubricant such as oil on the scrotum, and to wrap the testicle, and pulled, and it pats, and the testicle is pulled lightly lightly.


The scrotum is an organ that only the man has, exists in the root of the penis, and swells with outside of the body. There are a lot of melanins and sweat glands of the surface, and the subcutaneous fat doesn't exist. It is composed sequentially from the surface of a thin unstriped muscle of the film in the epidermal, the corium, tunica dartos, the Coles muscle film, and four layers and testicle in nine layers. It has the function to maintain the right temperature (34-35 degrees) to the formation of the sperm, it shrinks according to the temperature, and it extends and heat is radiated when it is hot, and it contracts and heat is maintained when it is cold. Moreover, it is scared immediately before the ejaculation in the sexuality.

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