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Effective for Stress Management

■A proposal of the stress management
Hans Selye (from 1907 to 1982) caught this nonspecific vital reaction as systematic a series of reaction and proposed a stress theory (a stress theory). Endocrine system, a pituitary gland in particular, an adrenal system shall have mainly played the leading role and, by this theory, did such stress state when the cause of the diseases such as a certain cardiovascular system, kidney, the joint had deep relations for this reaction.

With "the stress management", I am "how I use the energy for one's purpose to the maximum while saving energy". When energy decreases, it is necessary to supply energy. It becomes important that I take the rest in it. A stress state continues, and the person whom energy decreases to stops activity once, and it is necessary taking a rest, to sleep. When stress piles up, strain degree rises, and both the heart and the body are tense together. The body is connected to the human heart.

■Relaxation by the stretch and meditation
At first I am going to relax "the relaxation by the stretch" to the strain of the tense heart at the same time by softening a body. In addition, there is "meditation". by the breathing method that I made deep slowly, watch it as a baud in degree becoming sleepy. I do the autonomous nerve normally by doing so it, and the work of the internal organs is stable, and it is a thing to become comfortable mentally. Two examples which I put up as above close the most of Thailand-style massages. I perform stretch while massaging a body slowly and grow a hard body. And I become the meditation state, and both the heart and the body are relaxed. The Thai ancient rite massage is popular and can easily perform stress management. I go out with stress well how, but, in the present age when I cannot avoid stress, am important.

■The self-stress management of the Thai traditional massage
Meditation is in a state, and the person of surgical operation originally performs the Thai ancient rite massage, too. When I perform stretch technique, oneself is done stretch of. This is a reason of "the yoga to perform with two people". Operate while controlling mind by abdominal respiration while meditateing. It massages an original Thai traditional. In other words it is that the side to operate on performs stress management.

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