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Be Careful! Non-official Salons!

■DANGER! It is doubtful! I am suspicious!
There are newly much birth, cases disappearing all too soon, and the salon dealing with a Thai massage is seen every day. If an accident happens, is there the thing that I heard the story of the manager whom I folded a shop in no time, and escaped?

In TTMA, I recognize only the salon which is excellent for the cause in a strict standard as "a TTMA official recognition salon". In other words the TTMA official recognition salon is "a mark of the relief".

■An accident is from rules and is already late
There is non-a possibility that I do not join the insurance such as the accident compensation in the authorized salon. The insurance of the accident compensation covers it in the TTMA official recognition salon by any chance when I have hurt a body. I am sincere do not give a response even if I appeal for a fact in the non-authorization salon, and total amount oneself has the treatment costs, and there may be the thing how.

An authorization standard of strict TTMA
We make a standard such as follows on recognizing a salon officially in TTMA.
1、 Therapist in charge having qualifications being resident.
2、 Ten thousand prepare for one accident; and joining the compensation for damages insurance.
3 、A salon clearing the laws such as firefighting methods.
4、Performing counseling of the physical condition confirmation for a visitor beforehand.
5、Maximum consideration being accomplished for hygiene side.
6、About the customer information of the visitor, observe 秘守義務.

■Any place other than the TTMA official recognition salon, there is doubt to fall under the following items.

1、 1 may perform manners and customs まがいの service.
2、 Ten thousand have a case without the compensation about one accident.
3、 There is a case employing illegal workers such as a non-working foreigner.
4、 When you had a trouble of by any chance, I close a store and may escape.
5、 Hygiene management are not done. (Without a foot bus, it was touched with the hand which massaged a sticky foot for sweat with a face.)
6、 A surgical operation in I am unqualified, and no, authorizing it
7、 It was demanded an amount of money unlike the indication amount of money.
8、 valuables disappeared.
9、 It was touched in a part without the need to be involved in clearly.
It was palmed off a high-priced line without the need.

In TTMA, aimed for the healthy spread of Thai ancient rite massage salons. It is necessary to deal before becoming the big social problem. Please let TTMA know by any chance when the social problem such as the above is possible. investigate it in TTMA.


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