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It is the coined word that matched "-logy" (study) with "Reflex" (a reflection), and the reflexology says the reflexology. The reflexology attracts attention in Europe and America including Asia, and a study is performed. I smoothen a flow of blood and the lymph by stimulating an organic "reflection zone" with a finger throughout, and it is sole hygiene on the basis of the thought to return the nature health which a human being has to the original state. The blood sent off gives a cell and the organization of the whole body oxygen and nutrition from a heart by a process spread out in the whole body and I receive internal waste materials and come back to the heart again. The foot in the distal portion of the body will work as the pump to send back blood to a heart then. "The foot it is from this reason that is called the second heart". I return bloodstream to an original state by working on "the second heart" directly and stimulate the whole foot. In Europe and America, reflexology is introduced as terminal care (terminal nursing), and it is wide to have the power that reflexology works on not only the body but also a heart, and it is recognized now.

The sole part is an extremely important surgical operation point to perform in the beginning and, in the Thai ancient rite massage, can keep it alive for the surgical operation of the whole body after it by reading physical condition from a reflection to appear to the sole. The therapist of the Thai ancient rite massage should be conscious of much information to be able to read from a sole carefully.

■The difference of the manual skill
The transmission course is different from the birthplace, and ○○ types and a difference to say produce it thereby when I watch the history of the reflexology. I can see some big flows when I investigate the origin. The roots is seen in India, Egypt, China, five places of the European American Indian. It is the area where ancient civilization prospered both, and it is an interesting place that the model of the reflexology was born in a language, a custom, a race, the different area of the climate.

As for the reflexology, it is classified roughly in "West type reflexology" spreading in "Orient expression reflexology" spreading in China or Taiwan and U.S.A. U.K. France ... now in the world. These big differences are strength of the stimulation. I am apt to think that the thing that the pain has a strong sense of "so that there are words called" Good medicine tastes bitter works in the Orient and like comparatively strong stimulation. Therefore the Orient expression reflexology stimulates a joint and the stick of the finger for a pain as it is accompanied with an acute pain at the time of the errand. I perform it mainly on the stimulation that I use the stomach of the finger like Sam walk and pat the Westerner thinks that the pain is over stress for contrast, and to tend to like stimulation patting. At all events 程 of the effect is similar. The Thailand-type reflexology does not strongly stimulate Taiwan type, and, as well as a sole, it is a characteristic that I use the oil, and stimulation of degree feeling good with slight pain continues lowest of all thigh from a knee.

This fresco understands a state stimulating to a sole and the palm with the fresco of the grave of Egyptian doctor ankh Omar in the ancient times of about B.C. 2230 said a model of the reflexology.

■Dr. Fitzgerald and zone therapyAs for reflexology having built the social status in Europe and America, contribution by American doctor William Henry Dr. Fitzgerald (1872-1942) is big. Because there was not yet complete anesthesia in his times, many patients accused an intense pain during an operation. However, the doctor noticed that there was the person who hardly accused a pain at the best group of the patient and observed the difference. As a result, what did not appeal for a pain discovered that it was the patient whom it thrust a palm at the corner, and could be accompanied of the elbow rest of the operation chair. From this, I elucidated that I promoted the function recovery of the internal organs not only it moderated a pain to pressure a physical part. With ten fingers of human hands and feet as a standard, as for the physical pain, a pain softened by can write pressure on the part with the borderline and did discovery to be able to completely erase a pain.

I announced it in the American medical world, and Dr. Fitzgerald named this theory zone therapy. Himself thought about the human body with world new discovery by a way of thinking to divide long in those days in ten the division Zone. However, I will correct it with rediscovery not new discovery later because there was a way of thinking that I already divide into the division Zone in ancient Indian ナーディ and the ancient Chinese channel. The zone therapy theory by Dr. Fitzgerald was known to the European whole land, and a study was done more by a scholar of much medicine.

■The reflection ward of the sole
There is a reflection ward corresponding to the organization of the human body to a sole. Please confirm the state of the sole in reference to a lower foot chart. The treatment that is more effective than in stimulating a supporting reflection ward definitely is enabled. When tissue corresponding to there has a problem, a case in the reflection ward can suppose becoming shorter of the lymph called crystal glass. In the surgical operation of the Thai ancient rite massage, I can read much information from the reflection ward of the sole.


(英語) (日本語)
sinuses/outer ear 外耳
shoulder/arm 肩、腕
broncial 気管支
chest/lung 胸、肺
diaphragm 横隔膜
gallbladder 胆嚢
liver 肝臓
colon 結腸
appendix 虫垂突起
sciatic nerve 坐骨神経
temple こめかみ
pituitary 脳下垂体
spine 脊柱
sinuses/inner ear/eye 内耳、目
neck/thyroid 首、甲状腺
tonsils 扁桃腺
esophagus 食道
heart 心臓
adrenals 副腎
pancreas 膵臓
bladder 膀胱
small intestine 小腸
kidneys 腎臓
solar plexus 太陽神経叢、みぞおち
spleen 脾臓

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