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Prana Healing

■Prana Healing
Send energy for a client without I touch the body with the Prana healing lightly, and I rub it by any means, and pushing it and say a physical pain and technique to relieve stress. I approach mind side at the same time and I stabilize a mental condition and can heal a heart. Is used by a Thai ancient rite massage widely; Wow the person of surgical operation performs meditation by an act instantly, but, at this time, amplify life energy, and can discharge energy from a hand; it is an original purpose that is in a condition. Wow I am arrested like the thing of the act to join its hands, but this act is originally an act to meditate, and only form is not to be able to put both hands together. The life energy is absorbed by the body part of the client whom a person of surgical operation exposed a handle to by putting this hand on the body of the client. In other words Wow it is meditation, and the meditation is the organized method that is effective to raise introspectiveness. I remove strain and stabilize emotion, and it is a perfect method to reduce mental load. Person of surgical operation oneself can get relaxation and a sense of fulfilment while the meditation increases energy flows, and acting on cakra. The Prana healing is that a client is ultimate healing technique to relax together with oneself while giving the energy to a client.

■Prana energy
Life energy pulsates to the thing which there is life entirely. Both practishoner of the alternative medicine and the physicist accept the existence of a created electromagnetic field by a physical biologic process. This energy ground to surround a body wraps us up. And I take every neighboring things and the communication, and we exchange messages. The Prana energy does the way of speaking called 氣, but it is power to let the body activate, and it is energy of the natural health. atmosphere and take in Prana energy even if I breathe commonly, but because it is micro-wave motion, I pass the body, and this energy is not absorbed too much. In acknowledgment of existence of the Prana energy, it is absorbed consciousness efficiently to absorb it efficiently by matching a wavelength same as Prana. Oneself is existence of the love, and a wavelength is correct in what thought of the heart, Prana energy are conscious of when it is existence same as Prana energy to match a wavelength. The reason is because it is at one entirely in the world of the energy. In addition, I am denatured in love to micro-wave motion, and a heart and a body cell tranform it when I make it customariness and do it and become still efficient. Wave motion rises by holding consciousness when I breathe with air by not only the thought to breathe only with air but also Prana energy and becomes efficient. The Prana energy activates the body and raises health, and it is the power itself that a heart and the body do in health. The Prana energy does natural world, and it is the energy that does not decrease even if I use it by the energy that there is to use it.

■The resonance of the heart
When a heart of healer (practishoner giving healing) and Healy (a guard) does resonance with true healing, it is generated. Each other must be tuned up in this by the same wavelength. The healer in the meditation state is connected to own soul. The healer takes a contact from a soul as the soul of the partner. Then two souls begin resonance. While I operate, be keen and devote myself to healing. From the hand of the healer, I convey biography love for love. It is Prana healing.



1、.熱感 ・・・・最も多くの人が感じる感覚。だがそれだけになかなか認めてもらえない感覚である。







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