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Ayurveda is the words of the meaning to call "science of the life" in Sanskrit, and Ayur expresses knowledge. About Indian tradition medicine, I assume ancient India the birthplace and have the history of 5000 far, and it is said when I affected Chinese medicine, Greece, Arabia, medicine of Tibet. I draw the natural health which we human being has to the maximum, and it is medical treatment it follows the law natural as possible, and to remove a disease and a pain by a natural method. In addition, it may be said even if the ayurveda is study of the tradition comprising the side of the medicine that I analyze space and the law characteristics of human relations into from various angles while I place we human being in space, and observing various forms change in the natural world and the side of the philosophy. Ayurveda is approved like Chinese Chinese medicine in one of the world 3 size medicine formally by the World Health Organization (WHO). The ayurveda depends and is healthy whereas Western medicine is treatment medicine to remove an ill symptom, and it is preventive medicine aimed at keeping longevity and youth.

■A space 5 size element and three life energy
Oh, it is thought that all which there is in the space consists of the ayurveda by five elements of the "sky" "wind" "fire" "water" "ground". In addition, it is said that our constitution is decided by TRIDOSHA and a combination of three life energy called "VATA" "PITTA" "KAPHA" to be invited to formed than this element. Is Sanskrit,; but, as for the VATA, as for PITTA, is fire and a combination of the water by wind and an empty combination. KAPHA is made of pairs of Waters and Land.

The key to be beautiful knows a ratio of one's DOSHA which originally lasts with health, and keep this balance. It is different, and balance of DOSHA always delicately changes not a constant ratio by a person again. In addition, superior DOSHA lasting by nature is DOSHA which is easy to lose the balance, and it is thought that disorder of dough Shaba Lance causes various diseases.

(Energy) Energy of the exercise(Power / power to change to progress)
(A constitution 5 size element) The sky, wind
(A property) Light and, cold water, is motion, a speed
(Symbolic action) Activity, a function, encouragement
(A physical function) Breathing, exercise, transmission, transportation, the transportation, catabolism, excretion, circulation
(A heart) Activation, vitality, the movement of the heart
(a general characteristic) Is thin, and skin and the hair which are hard to gain weight are apt to dry, and bonhomie is quick, and is active, and adaptability, uneasiness, the change of the feeling, emptiness are impulsive, and constipation gets cold; sleeplessness
(A property when it is good of the balance) full of originality, and generosity of the optimism of the intuition of the passion is delicate and is clear-headed
(A property when it is bad of the balance) Sleeplessness, uneasiness, strain, overwork, the physical strength loss, constipation are talkative, and a flavor is unstable
(The disease that it is easy to suffer from) Poor circulation, a headache, lumbago, stiffness in the shoulders, sciatic neuralgia, Parkinson's disease, a heart trouble, the face paralysis, a severe enteropathy, constipation, gout, neuralgia

(Energy) Energy of the heat(Power / digestion to use up)
(A constitution 5 size element) Fire, water
(A property) Light and, heat, sharp, is liquid
(Symbolic action) Analysis, energy, passion
(A physical function) Digestion, metabolism, a craze for product, 口渇, hunger, understanding, combustion
(A heart) Memory, prowess, flexibility, a desire, intelligence
(a general characteristic) Burning sensation and the bloodshot that I am of medium height and build and can sleep soundly in meatiness, a short time, and I am intellectual, and the passion has weak prowess, irritable short temper, principle of perfection, regular stools, skin
(A property when it is good of the balance) having courageous concentration is intellectual and is full of curiosity and is full of the leadership, appetites
(A property when it is bad of the balance) 渇 of irritable criticism to be irritated by, polyhidrosis, diarrhea, a rash, fever
(The disease that it is easy to suffer from) A gastric ulcer, a duodenal ulcer, gastritis, stomach cancer, a liver disease, a pancreas disease, gallstone disease, a gall bladder disease, blood dyscrasia, atopic dermatitis, heart problem, mental disease, alcoholism

(Energy) Stable energy(The power that is going to be finished)
(A constitution 5 size element) Water, the ground
(A property) Cold water, appendix, oil, late
(Symbolic action) Composition, structure, combination, stamina, moisture
(A physical function) Physical strength, assimilation, maintenance of the structure, immunity power
(A heart) Friendly feeling, generosity, stability
(a general characteristic) Physical strength, stamina, the mucus which I am careless, and sell 抑 of a round face, a sleep are long, I am devoted, and I calm down, and I am steady and am particular, and conserving it which are easy to gain weight because of a build firmly
(A property when it is good of the balance) Is full of the love that there is considerate concentration; patience of the motherhood, stability, a memory size, physical strength size
(A property when it is bad of the balance) Negligence, deep attachment, stubbornness, a sense of fear, a stingy person, a tendency to nap, depression, corpulence
(The disease that it is easy to suffer from) Bronchitis asthma, allergic rhinitis, diabetes, pollinosis, joint pain, adiposity, a cold, an abdomen disease, an urinary organ disease, a mucosity disease

※Look at this pege for diagnosis of DOSHA .





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