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■With the aromatherapy treatment
Enjoy the aromatherapy by various how to use such as a sweet smell bath, an aroma bus, a compress, treatment with oil refining (essential oil). The aromatherapy treatment (an aroma massage) makes the blood circulation better and I ease the strain of the muscle and relax it. As for the treatment (a massage) which I used oil refining (essential oil) for, the ingredient of the oil refining is absorbed as well as the effect of the massage by direct skin, and synergy is provided more because a fragrance is taken in from a nose. I heal it through the contact of mind and body each other and am effective in it being healed. I use oil refining (essential oil) for aroma treatment, but I do dilution (and I weaken it) with carrier oil (vegetable oil) and use the oil refining (essential oil) because I cannot stick to skin directly. Of course you may do treatment only with carrier oil (vegetable oil).

■A way of the aromatherapy treatment
The way of the aroma treatment (a massage) is not a thing at all hard to please, too. It is the feeling that you should do to be good of one's feeling basically. As for the aromatherapy treatment, the bathing back is the most effective, but even a method to warm a body by a shower or a foot bath is OK. I will make the room comfortable temperature. You should prepare bath towels in the winter in particular so that health does not cool off.

At first an appropriate amount picks up aroma treatment oil and lets you be familiar with both hands well. The basics leave from far-off for the center to a heart and perform it. In other words I go to the center of the body from the part of the edge of hand or foot and perform it. I am kind and rub it with unhurried rhythm to be able to put it together for breathing, and please rub it while thinning oil on the part which wants to do treatment thinly. It will be good to let you do it round and round to draw the yen. If a palm and a finger are hard to come to slip on the way, please add treatment oil. The stomach should massage it to draw the yen round and round clockwise. Let's try that I think that oneself is comfortable while feeling the fragrance of the oil refining (essential oil).

■Basic technique of the aromatherapy treatment
( pat it and rub it)
rub it to pat it easily. Of the massage become basic.

(rub it)
massage a muscle with a palm and a finger. Of the stiffness in the shoulders untie it, and perform it in the case of the removal of the unpleasant cell light.

(push it)
push it at a finger-tip for 3-5 seconds and relax slowly.

(rub it)
rub it with a palm. The blood circulation improves and makes a flow of the lymph better. perform swelling or cold in a case.

keep treatment intact without wiping off oil afterward. The treatment back is absorbed oil little by little by skin, and the reason is because it infiltrates a body. wipe it off with towels lightly and reduce quantity of the oil from the next time if seem to become the べたつきが mind.


■Matters that require attention in the aromatherapy treatment
There is the thing which causes inflammation and a stain to skin when I hit ultraviolet rays such as the sunlight in the state that I added to skin in a thing (essential oil) of oil refining and calls this with "phototoxicity". Please be careful to ultraviolet rays such as the sunlight after having used oil refining (essential oil) with such a phototoxicity for treatment (a massage) not to prove right. The oil refining (essential oil) with the phototoxicity is a "bergamot" "lemon" "grapefruit" of the oil refining of the citrus fruit system. The orange suite is oil refining of the citrus fruit system, but it is said that there is not the phototoxicity.

2、a baby, the massage of the child
It is not recommended to infants under 3 years old other than a sweet smell bath. It depends and I am big and receive the influence of the essential oil (oil refining) than adult in small child has little weight, and the resistance being weak. Please avoid the treatment which I used oil refining (essential oil) for. I do not mind treatment only for the carrier oil which I do not use oil refining (essential oil) for. When I do treatment (a massage), I think about a difference of the weight, and please use oil refining (essential oil) for child older than 3 years old with quantity more few than an adult.

■The dilution density of aroma treatment oil
When I perform aromatherapy treatment, I use the oil refining (essential oil), but I do dilution (and I weaken it) and use the oil refining (essential oil) for base oil such as the carrier oil (vegetable oil) because I cannot stick to skin directly. Of course you may do treatment only with carrier oil (vegetable oil). The carrier oil (vegetable oil) has various kinds. Because I am characteristic each, please use the thing matching oneself. I call the thing which weakened oil refining (essential oil) with vegetable oil carrier oil treatment oil. It is to make the dilution density of oil refining (essential oil) less than 1% to be careful when I make treatment oil.

The density when I dilute oil refining (essential oil) with carrier oil (vegetable oil) about dilution density makes 1% basic. The one where a sensitive part and time and the skin doing treatment for the first time such as faces are sensitive recommends what I do it and use to lower density. I can hang down containers of much oil refining by one drop generally, and one drop becomes 0.05ml. Therefore carrier oil 5ml become dilution density 1% for one drop of oil refining. For example, the quantity of the oil refining will become how far when it is carrier oil of 20ml. To make treatment oil of the density of 1%; of 20ml *0.01=0.2ml is refined oil. I become =4 drops 0.2ml /0.05ml when I say whether oil refining of 0.2ml is equivalent to several drops because the quantity of one drop of oil refining is about 0.05ml. If a calculation is troublesome, "carrier oil 5ml feel a thing of 1% for one drop of oil refining", and, as for the carrier oil, it is it to 5*5=25ml if, for example, oil refining is five drops.

The aromatherapy has sweet smell bath, aroma bus, compress, treatment various ways of enjoying, how to use with oil refining (essential oil). It is inhalation to be effective to relax the falling through of the respiratory system such as any pain of a cold. I drop essential oil (essential oil) one or two drops to a handkerchief or a tissue and take the inhalation near a nose, and it is a method to breathe in the ingredient of the fragrance positively. In addition, I fill the washbowls with rather hot hot water as steam inhalation and drop essential oil (essential oil) equal to or less than three drops to there, and there is the method to inhale the steam. It seems to be often that the woman serves as a beauty effect equal to the face and does steam inhalation. I will close my eyes at the time of steam inhalation. When I use the washbowl, I put bath towels on a head so that the steam does not fly. If the steam does not rise, not oil refining (essential oil), please add hot water. Because stimulation is slightly strong, the steam inhalation please avoid the asthma and the perceptiveness skin at time when a cough comes out. The inhalation of long time will be split. Time will be good in approximately 5 minutes.

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