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The Main Effect of Aromatherapy
■Angelica (Angelica)
This aroma oil has an excellent anti-virus action though it is Angelica of the smell that feels warmth spicy. This is the one by the element's that is called a cineole being included voluminously. The healing capacity of nature of this plant is named from what the angel told the person as for the name of Angelica in the old times, and the etymology is an angel angel. Be to remove uneasiness and the feature in the effect on the mental side to improve energy. It will be able to be said that it is a feature that uneasiness is removed, and the motivation overflows. It is spicy, and it is casual in your mind and the fire of the motivation light. smell in there is warmthIn the effect on the body side, the effect of straightening the hormone balance is a feature.
The prevention of the cold and Igaiga of the throat can be removed. Detoccs is effective on the beauty side, and moreover, the renewal is promoted and the subfusc of the skin is prevented. Because it appears one after another the toxin of the body, it is likely to connect with doing the absorption of healthy supplement etc. often. Saying that the cold can be prevented is that the effect of an anti-virus is strong. Because the healing capacity of purification of the body and excellent nature is had, it is greatly useful for the disease prevention. However, there is a possibility of making the bristletail in the skin as a point that should be noted. Moreover, please do not use Angelica's aroma for the beginning pregnancy because it is time when the hormone balance changes greatly.


Ilang-ilang is contained a lot of acetic acid benzyl in the aroma oil of ilang-ilang, and is an element with the aphrodisiac effect that this excites. It is done even if it is aroma oil with the smell where men feel seeming the woman he most, and there is a custom of reeling the petal of ilang-ilang in newly-married couple's bed in Indonesia. Ilang-ilang is a smell that has a thick, sweet smell by Malay tongue in the meaning of flower in the flower, and receives an exotic impression. The outflow of adrenaline is suppressed, and there is a feature that brings the feeling of well-being on the mental side. Uneasiness and anger are removed and the tension is softened.
It resists, it strikes, and the effect can be expected, and either is happy feelings and the effect of doing will be able to be called a certain aroma oil rather than relaxing. There is a person who uses ilang-ilang as aroma that makes feelings each other happy, too, when the time only of the man and two people is spent for the woman. The balance of the hormone is straightened, and the reproductive function is improved on the body side. It seems to be able to expect this effect of the person who has worry concerning infertility. The secretion of substantia corticalis is straightened on the beauty side. The person of all types can use it for a dry skin and an oily skin. There are robustness and an effect of stimulation for the scalp, and it is useful also for the baldness prevention and the baldness measures. There is a possibility of holding nausea and headache to use for a long time as notes. Using only when it is necessary, and keeping using it all night long might be rash. Enjoy smelling. Refrain from use for the case of the beginning pregnancy and low blood pressure.


■Orange sweet(Orangesweet)
It has the effect of the relaxation and refreshing though it is very sweetly popular in a fresh smell regardless of the age. There are a lot of bactericidal effects that are in the Tatibana system, and it is useful also for the prevention of the cold of winter etc.The orange sweet smell is exactly feeling of mandarin orange. There is an effect effect of untying the tension on the mental side. Feelings to which it gets depressed are softened, and it makes it to positive feelings. The mind like the tension etc. is solved and untied. The smell of the fruit system of the aroma of the Tatibana system refreshes feelings. The unpleasantness of the alimentary system is canceled, and a normal working is kept on the body side.
It is recommended in case of anorexia, constipation, and diarrhea, etc.Moreover, if the diffuser is used, it is useful for the prevention of the cold in winter because an anti-virus and sterilization act. A sweet orange : to the skin well. Dry..provide moisture.You will not use it before going out in daytime because it causes correct and a peculiar photosensitisation to the Tatibana system. It causes the bristletail to be made in the skin. Moreover, please refrain from use in the beginning pregnancy.


■Camomelrorman(Chamomile Roman)
The smell looks like well for the apple though it is a plant of the mum department. "Apple on ground" of Greek is an origin of the name. It is used for the herbal tea in various places in Europe from of old, and it is known that there is an effect of calming down feelings by drinking at bedtime. Because the mind is calmed down on the mental side, it is useful for the relaxation and the insomnia cancellation. The effect of restfully doing the mind can be expected. It is possible to expect it of the improvement of the pain and itchy on the body side. It is said woman's menstruation is also effective, and it is effective in the cancellation of menstrual abnormalities.
Moreover, there seems to be an effect of improving it for various symptoms that happen at the climacteric period. It is said that it is useful also for the improvement of other acnes, dermatitiss, and the dermatitiss of the allergic property, and causes an action calm as for eczema and poisoning. It doesn't use it for the beginning pregnancy as notes. Because it influences the hormone balance, it seems not to be good.


■Crarisage(Clary Sage)
The feature demonstrating the effect of the relaxation though it is Crarisage of feeling like a fresh sweet muscat. It was used to wash one's eyes with the mucus gathered from the seed in the Middle Ages and to remove the foreign body. In "Crals" of Greek, that becomes etymological of Crarisage, it is well informed, and it a clear clean meaning. It seems to have been called Crariai it was possible to be able to use it to wash one's eyes. When feelings seem to be in a hurry or to fall into the panic because it brings the feeling of well-being though it gets oneself organized by the effect effect on the mental side, it is recommended to enjoy aromatherapy with Crarisage.
The trouble such as the change of life is canceled on the body side. The element that is called Scrareorl is included in Crarisage, and it has the hormone that is called estrogen that is one of the female hormones and the structure that very looks like. The effect is demonstrated effectively for this Scrareorl to be balance of the hormone in the cancellation of menstrual abnormalities etc.The hair is expected on the beauty side, and growth can be pressed, and the effect of maintaining the health of the head skin be expected. Do not use it as notes when it is necessary to drive the car, and to concentrate by you. Do not use it because it is likely to become unpleasant before and after the drinking. Moreover, please do not use an indisposed woman from causing the influence for the hormone balance while getting pregnant.


It is a grapefruit to demonstrate the effect in dieting besides being able to refresh it. It begins to brew powerful to which the aroma element that is called Nutocaton is peculiar. The aroma oil of the grapefruit is an adult smell though a sweet orange is a sweet smell. Settled an adult smell smells as there is bitterness light as for fruits. The refreshing effect of the strike and improving the state can be expected on the mental side. This originates in the effect of the balance of the central nerve, and is the one only of the Tatibana system.
On the body side, this is one by being included the effect of urging the secretion of the protein that is called UCP in the smell of the grapefruit though it is an anxious diet effect. This working that burns fat to UCP exists. The sympathetic nerve seems to be stimulated by the smell of the grapefruit, and to be promoted the secretion of UCP though UCP decreases when the sympathetic nerve is low the secretion, and is said that the secretion is few from the person of obesity in general. Because it is Tatibana system that want to take care by the aroma of the grapefruit, it is a thing with the photosensitisation. It is necessary to note it before going out etc. no use.


■ Cypress (Cypress)
The tree in Cypress is seen a lot on a Cypriot island, and becomes an origin of the name of a Cypriot island. Moreover, a lot of α Pinen etc. are contained, and the forest relaxation is actually felt exactly. There is a theory that it was a tree in the ancient engineer person myth that makes relations and the cross with the god in a yellow fountain, too and the tree that brings a mysterious image. A similar effect to the forest relaxation can be expected of the aroma oil of the Cypress. Please use the effect when you want to request the relief of the mind. The feature on the mental side is to quieten the state of the mind like the feeling of anger and irritation, etc.When feelings are uplifted too much, the effect is demonstrated.
The forest relaxation is removed and the smell to make it resemble removes Moyamoya and the irritation of the mind. It is possible to expect it in the effect of connecting with the natural healing on the body side. Suppress the hemorrhage, the nosebleed, menstruation Taka, and the perspiration that happens because of an improvement and an excessive body fluid of the varicosity. Moreover, there is an effect of softening bronchitis and asthma, too. There is an effect of quietening painful Seki due to child's whooping cough and cold, too. In addition, the control of the perfume that becomes the nature of the body by suppressing perspiration (effect of the deodorant) is one of the effects. Moreover, because the loss of moisture is controlled as for saying that an excessive secretion of the body fluid will be suppressed, it connects with can the expectation of the effect of beautiful skin. As notes, it is ..mother's body.. ..influence.. in the beginning pregnancy because there is an effect of suppressing the secretion of the body fluid. Please refrain from use.


■Sandals wood(Sandalwood)
There is a deep effect of the relaxation the feature though it is a sandals wood with which it is called the sandalwood (sandalwood) in Japan, and is familiar from of old. It is used also for a religious ceremony, and when meditating, an indispensable smell. ) ..Kica treatment (.. has been done from moreover old in Japan by paving it under the pillow. This originates in the thing in which it is effective that the sandalwood makes it relieve the symptoms for the person who has the bad health of headache etc. while sleeping. In aromatherapy, the aroma oil of the sandals wood is often used to do before it sleeps and deep meditation.
Wooding sandals ..this.. brings the effect of the relaxation slowly surely while .... going to bed with ..low.. in refinement of oil volatility. It did regardless of the Hiroshi east and west, and it was used from old as a very useful plant. The effect is demonstrated in easing bronchitis and the tonsillitis on the body side by the effect of improving the effect of immunity. Moreover, because the skin keeps flexible and is reeded, the effect is demonstrated in the bristletail, the skin roughness, and the razor defeat. It acts on the pimple and the rash that can be had by the acne bacterium because the anti-inflammation action can be expected of course by improving the effect of immunity. It is aroma oil with the utility value very much to straighten the balance of the body, and the antibacterial activity of the refinement of oil of the sandals wood is admitted in foreign countries. Extermination and α? of acne bacterium that becomes origin of acneIt is assumed that the element that is called a Santa roll is useful for the prevention of the skin cancer, and seems to be used as a medical supply. Moreover, the stern remark has cracked because it is not only useful for meditation to have been used for the religious ceremony from of old but also there an aphrodisiac effect. It seems to demonstrate the effect in the improvement of impotence that is one of the worries of the man. There are no especially big notes on use.


■Cedar wood (Cedarwood)
The Cedar wood removes the tension and uneasiness.
It has been used from old as a religious place and buddhist temple Caoca though it is a feature that a woody, mysterious smell restfully does the mind. The effect of calming down the mind seems to have been liked. Franc Kin sense, Cypress, and compatibility are good for doing blend and use, and refer by all means, please when the aroma oil is done in blend and it uses it. Cedar..wood..forest relaxation..resemble..have..smell..room..
become quiet..something..relax..relieve..remember..one.

And, a little spicy smell can be exactly said an adult smell. It is said that there is a tonic property of the vein on the body side. As a result, the effect of taking swelling of the body can be expected. Moreover, there is an effect of making the respiratory organ and the kidney strong, too. The effect of the symptom easing of time when it had a fit of coughing and cystitis can be expected. And, it accompanies in the effect of taking swelling, and there is an effect of suppressing an extra resin of the skin, too. An excellent effect is demonstrated for alopecia caused by the resin of the scalp. It is not possible to use it as notes while suckling while getting pregnant. Please do not use it though it will be time when it wants to obtain the relief of the mind either.


■ Cinnamon (Cinnamon)
It is aroma famous as Nikki's smell though is used as a spice of Sets by the plant of Csno Kica. The effect effect of uplift of feelings is had though it is used as ingredients of a cake. It is recommended to invigorate feelings in not going out of vigour etc.The feature on the body side is to straighten the physical condition. It is the one to support the body to which the effect of the pain in the body is, and is also tired. Additionally, the effect is demonstrated in the cardiotonic action, slack, and Ivo. It is useful also for the improvement of male-female relationships because there is entertainments obscene actions no ilang-ilang it.
Let's do not to use it because there is skin stimulation as notes during menstruation.


■German chamomile(German Chamomile)
A peculiar smell does compared with Camomelrorman by pungent feeling. The feature when taking it out of the bottle though the aroma oil is thick blue is to discolor to green by touching air and light. Steady one's mind, and sleeplessness is improved on the mental side. The inflammations such as itchy and acne are suppressed on the body side. Because Core demonstrates the effect by the one by the action of the chamazulene of the principal ingredient (Azren) in the trouble of the skin whole, it is assumed it is very good for time of the burn and a dry skin. Woman's menstrual cycle is straightened in addition, and there is an effect of suppressing cramps, too.
Moreover, the person to whom the stomach is weak demonstrates the effect in gastritis and dyspepsia, and try by all means, please. The effect of the chamazulene (Azren) is a quiet action, and the element used also for the eye medicine for hay fever. In the megrim, asthma, and eczema, etc. an excellent effect is demonstrated. Atopy that is a typical allergic symptom might be improved with the German chamomile. It is that the person of the beginning pregnancy must not use it that it wants to note. Moreover, because a quiet action is strong, you will not use it for the former so on of work.


■Jasmine (Jasmine)
The effect effect of the jasmine is an after all powerful aphrodisiac effect. It can be said person's instinct, and demonstrates the effect greatly in a sexual part. Moreover, the aroma oil of the jasmine is refined from the plucked flower at night when the smell of the flower strengthened. As for the smell, the jasmine is called the king of aroma and a jewel by a graceful, sweet one. The jasmine demonstrates the effect at the time of love of the lover and the married couple at night spent with an important person. Mental quietness is a feature on the mental side. A very strong effect of the relaxation is, and calms oneself.
It is aroma comparatively oil that demonstrates the effect on such both sides that some feelings are proud of which the motivation doesn't go out, and the nature to which it gets depressed oppositely doesn't go out. It is an improvement of wife trouble whole and an improvement of sterility that the man causes it on the body side. It is recommended in the couple who worries due to sterility because it is effective that the man and woman improves both fertilities. Concretely increase the sperm quantity of the man, and there is an effect of softening woman's period pains and removing the infectious disease of the vagina. Moreover, there is an effect of improving of the secretion of mother's milk, the improvement of maternity blue, and keeping the body healthy after it gives birth, too. It is very profitable aroma after it gives birth in case of it is because of the pregnancy. The aroma of the jasmine cannot be used to our regret during pregnancy because of the hormone balance as notes though improves both fertilities by the man and woman.


■Sweet marjoram(Marjoram Sweet)
A famous herb and marjoram have been widely used with the dish as a medical herb in an ancient Greek age. "Origanum " of the scientific name means it, that is, "Pleasure with the mountain" in the word to which Oros (mountain) and Ganos (pleasure) derive by Greek. It wished newly wed couple's happiness, and it was presented, and it was planted in the graveyard as a plant of the funeral that brought peaceful to dead' souls. The sweet marjoram calms down the mind, and there is a deep effect of the relaxation. Moreover, when it is overcome by sadness and the loneliness, the smell with warmth heals feelings.
Because do the stream of blood often, it is aroma that muscular pain, lumbago, and period pains are softened, and the alimentary system is in a slump good. The mind is made calm, and the nerve is made to settle down the aroma of sweet marjoram. Uneasiness, anger, and sadness and the loneliness are healed. Muscular pain, rheumatism, lumbago, and period pains are softened for the stream of blood on the body side often, and it is effective in the smashup of the alimentary system. It is improved that the body is relaxed, and the tension that comes from uneasiness and the stress is loosened, and going to sleep is bad because the blood vessel is expanded and it lowers blood pressure. Moreover, it is said that there is a sexual desire control action. Lavender, Crarisageiran'iran, etc. and blend are done, and the aroma bus of cooling is recommended in wakeful moments. The blend with orange Sit when smelling in the bedroom. The treatment and the aroma bus to muscular pain etc.You may do lavender and blend. In constipation etc. , rosemary and blend are done and the treatment of the stomach is effective. Let's avoid using when the concentration of study and work, etc. is necessary.


■Tea Tori (Tea tree)
For evergreen Takagi who grows naturally in Australia, a lot of trees such as the shores in lakes and marshes. be seen the medicinal tea treeIt has a very strong smell, and the plant with very strong vitality. "tea tree" is a kind different from the tea that we are usually drinking. By the way, the tree of tea becomes "Camellia sinensis" of the camellia department. The aborigine in Australia has used the leaf of this plant for various treatments like the infectious disease file wound etc. because he or she has excellent sterilization and the disinfection action from of old.
The medicinal tea tree is important refinement of oil (essential oil) that can do various usages, and is most often used in aromatherapy as well as lavender. The patch test is done because there is an individual variation though the refinement of oil of lavender (essential oil) is assumed to tea Tori you may apply the stock solution to the skin. Tea Tori's aroma does help to make it recover from an effect of refreshing and a mental getting depressed. Moreover, the immunity is improved, and it is useful for the prevention of various infectious diseases and the prevention of the cold by sterilization and the antibacterial activity. Muscular pain, the inflammation of the bruise, and the pain are calmed down. It is effective also in the burn file wound, the boil, the athlete's foot, the sore, and Cangeta and the stomatitis, etc. because there is a strong bacteri cidal activity. It is used as a stop of disinfection and suppuration of the skin because there is a very strong bacteri cidal activity. It is good for the pimple and the rash, etc.The aroma bus and the foot bath are done, and catching the cold may do the treatment and do the treatment to the chest and the back in the beginning. The steam inhalation method is suitable to soften the symptom of pollen. One drop is dripped to the glassful of water and it gargles in the pain in the throat. When the time that wants to be refreshed and depressing it, aromatic bathing and the aroma bus might be good. Because there are sterilization and a disinfection action, oil ..2or3 drop.. is dropped to the bucket when cleaning it, it becomes ..water.. clean, and it can enjoy a fresh smell.


■Peppermint (Peppermint)
In Mint (Peppermint), there is a kind that the fertility is strong, and various. When the hybridization kind is included, 120 or more has the one kind. Popular Pa?In Mint, it is a hybridization kind of water Mint (Mentha aquatica) and spearmint (Mentha spicata) and herbs of the life at labiate many years. It is familiar more than ancient Egypt, Greece, and Roman times, and has been used. The menthol of the principal ingredient is used for the smell putting of various commodities such as pulvis dentrificus, chewing gums, and the candies, and a familiar smell.
The smell with the feeling of coolness made ー ..becoming empty.. is a drowsiness awaking, ..improvement in one's appetite.. resembles, and is effective. Moreover, the bactericidal effect of O-157 has been proven recently. The aroma of the peppermint has working to make the head refreshingly, and to refresh feelings. Nausea, carsickness, and feelings of the jet lag are eased on the body side. It is useful for smashups of respiratory organs such as the slump such as stomach and intestines, headache, hay fever, the sniffles, the cough, and asthma. Moreover, muscular pain and the inflammation of the bruise etc. are calmed down. The capillary is shrunk, and there is working that softens the inflammation and the symptom of itchy and sunburn because there is a cooled action. When you want to raise the efficiency of study and work, we will recommend aromatic bathing and the steam distillation method because it takes the cobwebs out of one's eyes and it is neat of feelings. Moreover, time when the condition of stomach and intestines is bad and when constipating it, the stupe and the treatment may have the stomach. (They are two peppermint drops in example Macadamia nut oil 10ml. )Because there are sterilization and an insecticide action, too you may spray it on the place where it sprays on the kitchen, and it doesn't want to allow the insect to come near.


■Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus)
The eucalyptus known as koala bear's favorite food is very strong in the plant of an Australian origin life power, early growth, and has many kinds. There are being used by aromatherapy in that several kinds of. And, "Eucalyptus" pierces Gropls kind (Eucalyptus globulus) in general. The aborigine in Australia and Tasmania used the leaf of this plant from of old as the medicine, and was handled to treat the infectious disease to lower the treatment of the cut and heat especially. As for the eucalyptus, because the bacteriocidal action is strong, the cold is very useful for the done season as well as the medicinal tea tree.
The aroma of the eucalyptus clarifies the head, and there is an effect of improving concentration. Symptoms of the respiratory systems such as a runny nose of hay fever and the cold, coughs, and phlegms are softened, and it is useful for a pain and various infectious diseases of the throat because it is excellent in sterilization, anti-virus, putting out, and the action of relieving pain. There is working that calms down pains in muscular pain and the bruise, etc. , and brings a fever down. The burn, the cut, and the inflammation, etc. are quieted down. The number of bacilli is prevented from increasing, and it is helped to be able to organize a new skin. Time when it wants to improve concentration and aromatic bathing and the steam inhalation method might be good for examinee's room for study and office How to use if it makes it. Aromatic bathing and the steam inhalation method might be good to catch a cold like the prevention of the cold or to soften the symptom of pollen. The steam inhalation method might be good also for phlegm and the sniffles. It is good also for the smell erasing etc. of the room because it is excellent also in a deodorant effect. (cigarette and pet, etc.)Deodorant can be done by sterilizing clothes when 1-2 drop is put when washing is rinsed.


■Lavender (Lavender)
Lavender is used very widely with the most popular oil in aromatherapy. It is possible to use safety high, and at ease from the child to the adult, and it can be called a panacea of aromatherapy. The origin is a plateau area in the Alps area in Europe. It seems to come because the name of lavender originates in lavare of the meaning "Wash" (Rawarre) in Latin, and was used for bathing in the days of the Romans. Calm and ..floral.. Caori soften the tension and uneasiness, and relax the mind and the body.
The chemist and Rene Maurice Gattofose of France are and there is a famous story of in a moment recovering when the refinement of oil of lavender (essential oil) is put momentarily at the accident in the laboratory. There is an individual variation, and do the patch test, please beforehand though the refinement of oil of lavender (essential oil) is assumed to tea Tori you may apply the stock solution to the skin. The aroma of lavender softens the tension and uneasiness by the stress, makes it relax, and takes an autonomic balance. It is useful for cannot sleep etc.The inflammation and itchy of the skin are softened because it has a calming effect. Moreover, the pain such as the burns is lightened, and there is working that helps the restoration of the skin, too. It is useful also for disinfection, sterilization, an anti-virus action, muscular pain, and various infectious diseases. It appeals to the respiratory system, and symptoms such as asthmas and colds are softened. The growth of skin cells is promoted, and the secretion of the sebum is adjusted. It is effective also in the maintenance of the hair (aging and hair loss). It is tired, the aroma bus and the aromatic bathing of cooling are recommended to relax in wakeful moments. The blend of ilang-ilang, sweet marjoram, chamomile, and the sandals wood is also recommended. To the aroma bus of cooling in sunburn. Moreover, you may cool executives by the cold compress as much than ..combustion.. doing. In the burn, the athlete's foot, the pimple, and the stomatitis, etc. one drop is dripped to the cotton bud, and it paints it directly on the executive. It is possible to use it also for the insect repellent.


■Lemon (Lemon)
It is a fresh, fresh though it is a familiar fruit smell.
It has been often used to be strong the bacteriocidal action, too wide for a long time besides for food.
It seemed to prevent meat and the fish from spoiling, and to have used the lemon for the disinfection when it was stung by the insect in ancient Egypt.
The smell of the lemon system can raise the efficiency of study and work.
The lemon is feeling to tighten loosening of feelings by a sour smell while the orange loosens the tension of the mind to the same citrus fruits by a sweet smell.

The mind and body is made to be Rifreshued, and the nature is improved. Moreover, consideration is clarified, and concentration and the memory are improved. The immunity is activated, and the function of the alimentary system is improved. The pain in headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, and arthritis is softened. It is suitable for not only the oily skin but also the pimple and the boil because there is disinfection and astriction () actions. Astriction () action prevents an increase in the wrinkle. Aromatic bathing, the aroma bus, and the room spray are recommended when it wants to do the recreation and when it wants to concentrate on study and work.Disinfection..sterilization..action..excel..deodorant..action..room..purify..
allergy..cold..prevention..aromatic bathing..room..spray..with.There is optical toxicity, and take care that it is not regrettably in sunlight after it uses it, please. After opening a letter, you will use within half a year for the standard because the oxidation is early completely.


■Lemongrass (Lemongrass)
Lemongrass is heartening to the mind in the smell of the lemon and the grass. It is a gramineous perennial plant though is classified into the Tatibana system. It is a material indispensable as the conclusive evidence of the taste and the smell of soup "Tomuyancn" of the Thai cuisine. Moreover, the element "Shitorarl" in this essential oil (refinement of oil) is widely used as an element of the make-up water and the perfume, and is famous as the insect repellent. The aroma of lemongrass stimulates the mind when there is no motivation, and is heartening.
Working of the alimentary systems such as the overeating and dyspepsia is adjusted. It is useful for the tiredness recovery of muscular pain such as after sports, the shoulder learning by experience, and neuralgia. Mother's milk is often served and it is known. It turns to the oily skin and the pimple for the skin because there are astriction (astriction) action and deodorant action. You may use it with aromatic bathing and the aroma bus in time when the mind and the body are tired and wanting refresh it when there is no appetite. Because Shitorarl and Shitoronerarl that the insect dislikes are contained, it is possible to use it for insect repellents such as fleas and ticks that attach to the fly, the mosquito, and the pet as a room spray. After about five drops are dripped to anhydrous ethanol 5ml, and it often mixes it, 45ml may add the refinement water "Water is O.K in case of not being". The room spray is recommended also in the cigarette and the smell erasing the pet etc. because it is excellent in a deodorant effect. There is no optical toxicity in lemongrass.


■Rosemary (Rosemary)
Rosemary is a traditional herb also such as gardens of the house where the gardening is done that has been used to cook for a long time though it came to be often shown. "Rosmarinus" of the scientific name of rosemary comes from "Rosmarinus" of the meaning "Dripping of the sea" in Latin. This is called the purpose is for a light blue, small flower to associate the color of the sea with the growth of rosemary to the beach in the Mediterranean sea coast. Moreover, rosemary is known as "Refinement of oil of rejuvenation".
It is because there is an action that this promotes the antioxidative effect (aging prevention action) and the blood circulation, and improves the memory and concentration. It was clarified for the smell of rosemary to appeal to the organization that ruled the memory "Hippocampus" of the cerebral limbic system for the brain this century, and to improve the memory and concentration. The story of regaining youthful of the skin by using Hungarian water of which the principal ingredient is rosemary for the make-up water, and having been proposed from the king in Poland in the neighboring country to queen Elizabeth in Hungary at 77 years old she is told. At the mental tiredness or spiritlessness, the aroma of rosemary can be energetic. The brain is made clear, and the memory and concentration are improved. Muscular pain, gout, and the pain etc. in rheumatism are softened because working of lungs is strengthened, and there is an action of relieving pain that softens the cold, asthma, and bronchitis, etc. on the body side. Because there is a disinfection action, it becomes thin the cold, comes, and is effective also against influenza. The slackening skin and swelling, etc. are tightened because there is an astriction action. The scalp is stimulated, and the trouble of the scalp such as hair losses and Fke is improved. When you want to raise examinee's room for study and the efficiency of work. When you want to make the head refreshingly. As aromatic bathing and an aroma bus when you want to awake drowsiness. Lavender, sweet marjoram, Crarisage, etc. and blend may do the aroma bus to muscular pain. After lavender, ilang-ilang, and blend are done, the treatment oil is made in the hair loss etc. , and it massages it to the hair, you may shampoo it.
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