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Thai Medical Background

■World tradition medicine
There is traditional medical (traditional medicine) peculiar to each in the many parts of the world. The clear definition for the traditional medicine is not made, but it comes from the culture of each place except the medicine based on technique of the natural science and a concept and I think with medicine to have the old history and will not interfere. There is peculiar medicine by all means in the human being society with a constant scale, and a diagnostic method, a cure, the prophylactic how there is a characteristic are built, and the race medicine (folk medicine) of the one is formed. The medicine of various forms is included from a thing having a clear system to of the non-system and an experiential folk remedy like Sino-Japanese traditional medicine in this. Since history on record, as for various civilization, culture rise suddenly, and there being traditional medicine a great many race medicine on the earth of the kite, it may be said with the necessity of the history. Both world countries regarded "Western medicine" as regular medical (official medicine), but I took in modern science from Western medicine in itself, European tradition medicine to descend from the ancient Greece medicine and developed today. However, it may be said that I have lost an opportunity I take in the epoch-making technique of the modern science, and to develop as a result that even which area flies over tradition medicine peculiar to it, and the world introduced Western medicine to be seen in the treatment of many fatal infectious diseases because the result of the Western medicine was too strong. It will let, on the contrary, you store an old cure in the tradition medicine of each place and develops today in the time that I will review the good point some other time. There is the most remarkable difference to "medicine to use" between traditional medicine and modern Western medicine. I am negative against the use of the crude drug in the latter, and the former uses only refined medicinal properties or the thing which then produced wounds in the case of most whereas I use a crude drug wholly. Various devices are done "raises efficacy not drug" of the simple nature material as for the crude drug in the tradition medicine made a systematization highly that developed in China and India, and to reduce the toxicity. A traditional medical good part and unification with the Western medicine are tried today.

■An ill cause in the Thai traditional medicine
1、ソムットターン(A componentry of the space in the Thai traditional medicine)
2、ウトゥ・ソムットターン(A season, a climate)
3、アユ・ソムットターン(The generation)
6、ロークグート(A habit)

■"Tart" "ソムットターン" which is a componentry of the space in the Thai traditional medicine
The Thai ancient rite massage strongly receives influence of the Ayurveda which is ancient Indian medicine. Oh, I classify it in 4 of the (soil, water, wind, fire) in the Thailand tradition medicine whereas I divide five componentries of the space into (the sky / wind / fire / water / soil) in the Yul Veda. And it is thought that the human body consists of 4 elements again because each does not divide space and the human body and stands in the recognition that there is for relative relations. These four major elements are called tart or ソムットターン. It is thought "the soil" constitutes 20 organs of the body, and "the water" creates 12 liquid flowing through the body, and "the wind" weaves six movement of the body and that "the fire" generates four heat of the body. When these four elements keep good balance, the body functions normally. In addition, among these four elements, I say this with "ジャオルアン" with the thing which only the one projects, and is outstanding. "ジャオルアン" is the thing which is fixed when I am in the interior of the womb of mother, and it is said unless I usually change to 6 years old. I can change in the later breeding and environment, the eating habits. Constitution is divided into each one so that it is thought that I cause the disease because these balance collapses, and there are character and a property different to each person. You should know own constitution.

"Soil" I let you do a thing having a property to return to soil when I burn it in a の element.

□20 organs which "soil" constitutes
Hair, hair, a nail, a tooth, skin, a muscle, a ligament, a bone, marrow, the spleen, a heart, a liver, a fascia, kidney, lungs, the large intestine, the small intestine The thing which I ate newly, old food, a brain, the spinal cord

□ジャオルアン in the case of "soil"
The build is big, and the skin is slightly black, and a lot of hair is black. Voices carry well greatly, and I am strong, and the rib is big. The weight gets fat heavily and is firm, and each organ is healthy, too.

"Water" I let you do a thing having the property that I drift in a の element, and seep.

□12 liquid which "water" constitutes
Blood, sweat, choler, phlegm, pus, tears, lymph fluid, fat, saliva, urine, mucus, synovia

□ジャオルアン in the case of "water"
A body and each physical organ are healthy, and a style is good, and skin is bright. A mesh is clean, and a lot of tears have good balance of the how to walk. The hair has much quantity beautifully. A meal and the action relax, and starve; is patient for cold, heat. Voices carry well, and sexual desire is strong, and there are many children. There is a negative, lazy part.

"Wind" I let you do a thing with the light property that can change in a の element.

□Six movement that "wind" constitutes
Wind (movement) in the wind (movement) from a head to a foot, the wind (movement) from a foot to a head, wind (movement) in the stomach, a stomach and the bowels, wind (movement) of the blood, wind of the breathing(Movement)

□ジャオルアン in the case of "wind"
It is Satsuki and uncrowded slender build with dry skin. The hair makes a sound when I move the joint thinly. Jealousy feeling is strong with timidity. It is easy to heat it and is easy to cool down. It is sleeplessness for cold weakly. I am talkative, but the voice is inarticulate low. The sexual desire is plain, and there are few children.

"Fire" I let you do a thing with a property you burn in a の element, and to generate heat.

□Four heat that "fire" constitutes
Fire (heat) of the temperature, the fire (heat) of the high heat, fire (heat) of the aging, fire of the digestion(Heat)

□ジャオルアン in the case of "fire"
Hair, hair, the mustache are easy to become young the white hair softly. I am hungry, and an appetite is excellent. I am poor at heat and am lacking in patience and am hasty. Joint is bad, and bad breath and a body odor are strong. The sexual desire is intermediate.

■"ウトゥ・ソムットターン" that a season and a climate cause the disease
When a season changes, temperature and the humidity, wind, atmospheric pressure change, and the human body must fit the environment. However, I lose the balance and get sick if I cannot adapt myself well. It is easy to lose the balance in the turning point of the season in particular. Call a season "ルドゥー", but have division into 3 for one year; and every each ルドゥー is characteristic.

1、キムハ・ルドゥー(The latter half of April - the first half of August)
In キムハ・ルドゥー meaning the summer, I maintain a body in a thing corresponding to the climate that ソムット・ターン is hot. Though it is hot, it is a body fitting, but there is time to occasionally feel cold by rain. At such time, "fire" (タート・ファイ) becomes the ill basic cause.

2、ワッサン・ルドゥー(The latter half of August - the first half of December)
ワッサン・ルドゥー meaning wet season, ソムット・ターン maintains a body in a thing corresponding to the humidity. In a humid season, heat and cold are occasionally mixed. At such time, "wind" (タート・ロム) becomes the ill basic cause.

3、ヘーマン・ルドーゥー(The latter half of December - the first half of April)
In ヘーマン・ルドゥー meaning the winter season, ソムット・ターン maintains a body in a thing corresponding to the cold. I feel heat and cold in this time. "Water" () becomes the ill basic cause at such time.

■"Sweetfish ソムットターン" that age causes the disease
アユ・ソムットターン, divide human age into 3 and think.

1、パトム・ワイ(0 years old - 16 years old)
For infanthood "water" (Tart ナーム)But, I become the ill basic cause.

2、マッチマ・ワイ(16 years old - 32 years old)
"Fire" (tart phi) becomes the ill basic cause in a prime of life.

3、パッチム・ワイ(32 years old or more)
It "@-like" in advanced age (タート・ロム)But, I become the ill basic cause.

■Place to live in and pula Tate ソムットターン that climate causes the disease
The person is a way of thinking to be affected by land born. When environmental come to live a life different by moving so that there is ソムット・ターン which got used to each climate, there is a case to cause the disease.

1、プラテート・ローン(A meaning of hot land)
As for the person born in mountains races highlands, "fire" (タート・ファイ) becomes the ill basic cause.

2、プラテート・ウン(A meaning of warm land)
As for the person born in the place with the water mixed with the sand, "water" (タート・ナーム) becomes an ill basic cause.

3、プラテート・イェン(A meaning of cool land)
As for the person born in the damp area with much rain, it (タート・ロム)But, I become the ill basic cause.

4、プラテート・ナーウ(A meaning of cold land)
The person who was born in the near damp area by the sea "the ground" (タート・ディン)But, I become the ill basic cause.

■"Gahn ソムットターン" which causes the disease to be generated by time
A disease to occur by the time in 1st is characteristic. It is thought that this is because physical ソムット・ターン changes.

1、"The water" which increases for from 18:00 to 22:00 for 1, from 6:00 to 10:00(タート・ナーム)
Mucus flows and has loose bowels

2、"Fire" to increase for from 22:00 to 2:00 for 2, from 10:00 to 14:00(タート・ファイ)
Fever or a stomachache

3、"Wind" to increase for from 2:00 to 6:00 for 3, from 14:00 to 18:00(タート・ロム)
Dizziness, lassitude, fatigue

■Eight items "ロークグート" that a habit causes it

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