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Techniques of Thai Massage

■A kind of the pressure
There is various technique for a Thai ancient rite massage so as to be able to say the collected studies of the Oriental medicine. Because I compiled representative technique, look.

A technique introduction

A commentary

press it with a thumb. At the point to thrust, I put the thumb of both hands and perform in particular it. I do not put up a finger-tip and perform it.

press it while pressuring a finger to draw the circle.

press it with a palm. The person of surgical operation does not bend an elbow if possible and should put the weight. It is a point to perform so that a handle does not slip off from the surface of the skin.

massage a finger softly while using several of them at the same time and push it.

pull a line and press it while pushing it with the stomach of the middle finger and the third finger lightly. perform it in the sensitive parts such as faces, but promote the blood circulation mainly along the line of the muscle.

When press it slightly harder, use an elbow. put the weight on the elbow, and it is possible for strong pressure deeply by pressuring it.

use a forearm to the elbow from a wrist and create unique stimulation by the touch that is softer than the elbow by turning it while putting natural pressure.

When I strongly press a big muscle thickly, I use a foot. There is a case to perform mainly on a heel in the case of the whole foot. I perform it so that a body does not slip off while supporting it I attach a hand by all means, and to pull it to the opposite direction.

make the fulcrum by hitting the points with a knee and give stimulation by letting the other side do stretch of other parts.

promote the blood circulation by tapping it and urge you to wash away a waste material.

soften a joint and let you relax and promote bloodstream at the same time.
stop a flow of the blood momentarily by pressing the blood vessel of the artery. stop afterwards by opening it slowly and, for around 30 seconds, send much blood into even if long.
The trace that developed with Buddhism by an act to perform for the initiation and termination of the surgical operation is seen in here.
It is technique it sits down on the body of the receiver, and to make the fulcrum.
A therapist uses a whole body and grows the body of the receiver and lets I move it and make stretch. There are various manual skills, but delicate posture balance and speed are pointed.
A therapist uses a whole body and grows the body of the receiver and lets I move it and make stretch. There are various manual skills, but delicate posture balance and speed are pointed.
A therapist uses a whole body and grows the body of the receiver and lets I move it and make stretch. There are various manual skills, but delicate posture balance and speed are pointed.
make use of herb or a towel for a surgical operation with various tools.
It is technique to use by the stretch such as a finger or the toe.

■Verboten and matters that require attention
The thing which does not have a massage qualification cannot run massage business in Japan. When it really performs a Thai massage, it is not to operate according to the turn that I learned. The important thing does not do that a client becomes the harm at all. Depending on the physical condition of the client, it is fraught with danger to lead to an accident. The practiced hand minds instructions and, during a surgical operation, grasps technique with the danger for a patient, and it is necessary to operate. It is always responsibility of the practiced hand to diagnose a medical history and the physical condition of the client by asking questions finely and must deal with a surgical operation without neglecting scrupulous attention at one time. It is necessary for the practiced hand to accept the close demand of the client, and it is important to perform the environment where a client can say a demand to each time and the making of atmosphere. Furthermore, the practiced hand must operate in a state of the meditation and the state that I focused on. By stable breathing, please concentrate on a surgical operation as possible deeply. If idle thoughts appear, I remove it by oneself, and I put a feeling for pressure of one nothing, and please perform a coherent surgical operation.

* When a client is seriously ill, I do not perform it when a body weakens.
* When a client runs a fever high, I do not perform it.
* A client does not perform strong pressure, the stretching that a burden depends on to a bone in the case of osteoporosis.
* Cancer treatment does not need business to promote the lymph and blood circulation.
* When I press it to a client taking a drug with blood as a rustle, I perform it with poor ability.
* When I press it to the client whom a bruise is easy to be formed on, I perform it with poor ability.
* When I feel a pain on the backbone, the skill to strongly cause pains such as the stretch by facing upward excludes you.
* pay scrupulous attention to a pregnant woman and avoid an abdominal surgical operation and the pressure of the back lower part. I do not take the attitude why a burden to the abdomen depends on.
* When there might be the heart trouble, diabetes, vascular lesion, blood pressure disorder, I do not take the hemostasis technique.
* do not perform it to a woman during physiology for reasons of the religion top in Thailand, but there is not a problem medically.
* do not operate for the abdomen after a meal for less than 1 hour.
* A wound or the varication such as injuries avoid a certain point and perform it.
* The point that I broke within six months avoids it and performs it.
* The affected part which the joint pain produces keeps it off and performs it.
* The point with the wound of the skin avoids it and performs it.

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