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Founder Shiwog Gomarabat

The initiator of the Thai old fashioned massage gets the age about 2500 years ago master Shiwog Gomarabat
of the Indian who was alive with the Buddha (shibako/shibako komarapa/jibaka ku-ma-rabaccha/Shivaga Komarpaj) being made.
It might be pronounced shiwaka komarapa, Shiwog Gomarabat, and ji-vaka ko-ma-rabakka.
He was Buddha's physician in charge and it took an active part as a first on the list doctor in Sangha
(Buddhism monk's group) at that time.
His legend has been left for a variety of in existence Buddhism documents
(Pali word, Sanskrit word, Tibet language, and Chinese loanword).

■Magata kingdom
The national county that was called Maha-janapada (kingdom) is formed for about 600 years centering on north India.
It is called to be 16 large countries generically. The king ruled the area by increasing power in the background of the agriculture expansion,
breaking a tribal restraint till then, making the castle, and using his military forces.
It was in the Magata country that it was powerful in 16 Kingdom.
At Binbisa-ra, the Magata country extended power by six century of B.C.
It destroyed The Ko-sara country in the next of the Ricchavi family in the next of the north
and the west in the fifth century at B.C. And, it has expanded power in the downstream region in Ganges.
And, it almost put the Ganges valley under rule in the fourth century at B.C.

■Birth of Shiwog Gomarabat
In the Magada kingdom, there was a prostitute named Saravaty.
She gave birth to a boy in the town named Ra-jagaha that was the capital of the Magata kingdom (present Ra-jikiru).
However, because it had not wanted to be known to surrounding people to me,
the child was passed to servant's woman.
The servant's woman puts the child in the basket to which the grain Tomomi husk is sifted out,
and puts it on the rubbish heap. However, the prince Apairacharkman just happened to pass by chance at that time.
Man who found the child asked the soldier, saying that "Is the child still alive?".
The soldier answers, "yes" and the child will be picked up by the prince.
He taken to the palace will be importantly brought up by the prince.
The name "Shiwog" was given from the meaning "He was still alive". Moreover,
he was called Gomarabat from the meaning "It was supported by the prince".

When he was looking at doctor A-tore-ya's craniotomy procedure, he advised,
"To exclude the insect from an open brainpan, you should heat the surgical tool".
Doctor A-tore-ya seemed to satisfy with the depth of the understanding of Shiwog Gomarabat,
and to have initiated a special craniotomy into him.
Open head skull has been actually discovered in ancient India and Pakistan.
King Binbisa-ra appointed him to Buddha's physician in charge, and acted as a member in Sangha afterwards.

Six episodes concerning him are written in "Shiburitsu".
The first treatment is a story of pouring the medicine boiled with butter into the nose of the patient
who had suffered from headache for as many as 11 years, vomiting it, and having cured it.
The second is a story to make king Binbisa-ra embarrassed because of the hems sit on the water tank of the iron filled with the hot water,
to make it sleep, and to make it cut out, disinfect the diseased part, and cure.
The third treatment is a story that opens the belly of the child who bound to the pillar with the sword,
and cures and sutures the twist in the intestines.
The fourth is an operation on the brain.
Story that makes sake drunk after meal that contains a large amount of salinity in patient
who is worried about headache, makes it get drunk, and opens cranial bones with sword, takes out brain,
often washes, sutures brain with butter and honey, and cures a headache.
Story that the fifth also gives medicine to king of hated medicine by headache treatment.
The sixth is a story to cure the bad body fluid filled for several days in Buddha because of the smell,
the unction, and the bathe, etc.His Medical Technology can look for height at the level of a Buddhism medicine at that time like this by the one passing today high.

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