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I call the medical treatment that used a medicinal herb in the Thai traditional medicine Samunphurai. Samunphurai consists of a plant, an animal, a mineral and takes a herb sauna and not only the herb ball but also tablet and infusion in this.

■Nine kinds of flavors and fragrances
It is classified in nine kinds to show below, and a flavor and the fragrance of Samunphurai are shown for the curative effect in each.

(The kind of the fragrance)

(An effect effect)

1、stypticity (convergence result) and a fragrance of the bitterness Curative effect for diarrhea and the wound
2、a sweet fragrance A stimulation effect for the muscle
3、a smell to let you feel sick It is an effect in a toxin
4、bitterness and a bitter fragrance It is an effect for an effect as the tonic medicine, blood and choler abnormality
5、a sharp taste It is an effect for illness to be generated from タートロム
6、the fragrance of the nut It is an effect for illness to come from a tendon
7、a comfortable fragrance It is stimulated by a heart
8、a fragrance of the salt It is an effect for dermatopathia
9、acidity and a sour fragrance It is an effect for nausea

■Compounding of Samunphurai and relations with Thai traditional medical ソムットターン
It needs not to be used alone, and it is compounded, and Samnprai is used. I can interlace so that a flavor and the fragrance of used medicine are not offset each other. In that case, it is often that it is classified in 3 of the following.

1、Samnprai of the warm flavor and fragrance It is an effect for illness to come from the element of the タート・ロム (wind)
2、Samnprai of the cool flavor and fragrance It is an effect for illness to come from an element of タート・ファイ
3、Samnprai of the calm flavor and fragrance It is an effect for illness to come from an element of タート・ナーム

■Herb ball medical treatment
A herb ball massages medical treatment to operate on an affected part for in spite of being an expectation with the point of the hot compress or I say the thing which I compound Samunphurai and wrap it in cloth and had in the shape of a ball with a herb ball (formally, pula glass), but say with herb ball medical treatment. I generally use Samunphurai to compound in this mainly on a thing including the oil which volatilizes by adding heat in a ply (a kind of the ginger), turmeric, a lump mandarin orange, Cymbopogon citratus, a water glass, show no. I may show an effect more by coordinating the compounding every ソムットターン.

This herb ball medical treatment killed the pain of the affected part after a massage in the one of the traditional medical medical treatment of the Kingdom of Thailand, and it has been used for the purpose of relaxing swelling. A spa institution and salons with this medical treatment increased and became quite popular recently. It is popular in a flavor and a fragrance of Samunphurai showing an effect very much not only I can promote relaxation of the muscle fatigue by using it during the surgical operation of the Thai ancient rite massage. (The herb ball sells it here.)

■Representative herb and the effect
1、the peel of a mandarin orange(Action to warm a body, blood circulation promotion, a relaxation effect)
2、turmeric(Antibacterial action to give choler secretion promotion action, skin shine)
3、the leaf of the lump mandarin orange(Blood circulation promotion, uneasy stress relaxation, sleeplessness relaxation, a relaxation effect)
4、Cymbopogon citratus(Blood circulation promotion, the cold prevention, muscular pain relaxation, disinfection, a relaxation effect)
5、the leaf of the tamarind(駆風, internal gas discharge, nose jamming)

■The effect effect of the herb ball medical treatment
I give 1, skin moisture.
I untie 2, a muscle.
I relax 3, stiffness and a pain.
I promote a flow of 4, blood and the lymph.
I smoothen 5, the movement of the joint.
I relax the swelling by the inflammation of 6, a muscle and the joint.

■The act of the herb ball medical treatment
I can comparatively easily operate for the herb ball medical treatment without professional knowledge. I just take it out and put it on the affected part if I steam a herb ball with a steamer. While I am hot, I perform it with care not to burn itself in movement criticizing lightly. I thrust it and attach it if I become the right temperature and I use the ball and turn it and rub it and operate.

■Herb sauna medical treatment
The medical treatment I steam a medical herb, and to bathe in the steam to a body is thought to be it like Korean mugwort steaming in the various districts. An ingredient gives skin moisture in absorption (cinnamon absorption) from skin, and this is the tradition medical treatment how an ingredient does direct pressure to a body by breathing in steam to lungs. The heat promotes the blood circulation by performing it in a tent and will promote a flow of the lymph. The herb sauna medical treatment is one of the technique of Samnprai, but effects are different by Samnprai to choose. I show an effect for symptoms such as a symptom and allergy of a cold, the paralysis not only I improve physical stiffness and pain in the whole.

■An effect effect by the herb sauna medical treatment
I give 1, skin moisture.
I wash 2, skin.
I relax 3, stiffness and a pain.
I promote a flow of 4, blood and the lymph.
I raise 5, metabolism and excrete a waste material.
I reduce it by 6.
I relax 7, an allergic symptom.

■When you should avoid herb sauna medical treatment
1、At the time of fever time and a headache
2、When I suffer from malignant epidemics such as tuberculosis or the pneumonia
3、When I intend feels dizzy, and to vomit
4、When a wound fester
5、In the case of high blood pressure
6、When is becoming pregnant
7、In a full stomach
8、A child under 10 years old

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