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Lucy Dat Tong

■Lucy Dat Tong

is the exercises method that the hermit who trained himself in the Thai heart of a mountain devised. The thing which the exercisers who continued sitting down with the same posture could write time when I had a long stretch to cure physical stiffness and pain by oneself, and was organized. This Lucy Dat Tong which I should call "the Thailand-style yoga" gives basal metabolism by the self-care exercises that it is possible for in unhurried movement easily and prevents corpulence and corrects a distortion by oneself and can fix the balance. The name is Thai, and, as for the hygiene that not only the body but also the heart can train at the same time, a hermit has gymnastic exercise.

■A relation with the Thai ancient rite massage
The traditional medical treatment how both Thai ancient rite massage and Lucy Dat Tong are handed down to the same Kingdom of Thailand. Lucy Dat Tong notices own stiffness and a distortion, and it is a characteristic I grow a body by oneself, and to correct. The therapist of many Thai ancient rite massages goes before the opening of a store of the salon, too.

■Before beginning itlook at the balance of right and left toward the mirror. The position of the shoulder and the position of the pelvis. The position of a distortion and the corners of the mouth of the face. The excursion of right and left of the neck, the length of the arm and the length of the leg. A distortion originally comes out while the thing which should have been the same vents a gesture and a habit, quantity of muscle and protects it. Lucy Dat Tong is recommended by all means in one to be worried about.

■5 effect of Lucy Dat Tong
The relaxation effect is preeminence in being accompanied with breathing method not only there is various movement in Lucy Dat Tong and works on a body directly. Mind and body one exercises effective together.

1、A lymph massage effect I kill 1, swelling, and to make skin shine better (The swelling cancellation of the beauty face / a small face / the leg)

2、A diet effect I raise 2, metabolism, and to burn fat
(It is waist a constriction / hips up effect a lower part of the body upper arm clearly slimly)

3、Untie 3, a muscle; and is a correction effect by a physical distortion(Stiffness in the shoulders cancellation / lumbago cancellation / eyestrain cancellation / pelvis correction)

4、It is a relaxation effect by 4, the breathing that I did slowly(I feel fine at a head)

5、Take in 5, oxygen; and an anti-aging effect(Bust up / constipation cancellation / the cancellation that has poor circulation)


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