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Thai King & Times Setting

The human race's residence in Southeast Asia goes back for 500,000 years or more. It is assumed that the community appeared in land in present Thailand as a heartland of an initial bronze machine civilization by 4000 in B.C. according to the research of recent archeology. A social, political organization composition has advanced by this development along with the cultivation of waterfield rice. There is a research where the possibility that these reformations are spread from Thailand to the Asian whole area that China also includes is suggested, too. Slamse mense, Mon family, and Khmers' civilizations have prospered. Is the Thai who lives in this present ground does relate in the language to the race of the Chinese southern part origin, and six centuries? It is assumed that the possibility of migrating from a Chinese southern part to Southeast Asia is large in the seventh century.

■ Encore dynasty(Khmer dynasty)
Country that became origin in present Cambodia in kingdom in present Southeast Asia. When the power was maximized in the kingdom that succeeded the flow of the Chenra kingdom that was before from this, each part of a present Thai northeast part, Laos, and Vietnam was owned. The capital such as a series of Khmer ruins including the encore ruins was Angkor Thom (Norcor Tom) in the building by this dynasty. The religion, the religion with which Hinduism and the greater vehicle Buddhism mixed was believed in until the top seat part Buddhism seized Indo-China in the 13th century. It is understood that treatment was done by the cantrip and the prayer that uses the medicine and the buddhist image thought to have made the medicine in the encore age of the dynasty from the curative plant from the inscription.

■Sukhothai dynasty
The 13th century of a present Thai is establishment of our nations. It is assumed that Thai race's leader defeats the overlord of Khmer in Squaw Thailand in 1238, and Kingdom of Thailand was established according to the legend. The kingdom in new Thailand was approved to the Chao Phraya banks of a river in 1350 after the decline of the kingdom. Time is done similarly as a Squaw Thai kingdom and the Rarnnartai kingdom has prospered to Shippsormpannar from Chiangmai in a Thai northern part to China.

A Thai family that had gone from Un'nan in a Chinese southern part south was under strong control at the encore dynasty in about the 13th century. However, seven Jayarvalman generations at the encore dynasty became weak and the control in the region to which the Thai was advancing at the encore dynasty began to become weak gradually when dying. Porcn Barncrarnharo of the lord of small Thai family of Porcn Parmuan and Barn'yarn (present Nacorntai-gun) of Rad's (present Phetchabun city) lord of small Thai family jointly drove out Khmers' power, the dynasty of small Thai family was built in Squaw Thailand that was the major city of the encore dynasty at that time, Barncrarnharo throned, and it was called Sheintarartit (approval at a Squaw Thai dynasty). By the way, it is told that Parmuan started in the regency title at that time.

The gold period came in the large king Rarmucamuhan of third generation age at a Squaw Thai dynasty. The same name as king Manrari at king Gamumuan and the Rarnnartai dynasty of the Phayao kingdom was connected, and it seized it from the whole area of the Malay Peninsula to the Bengal peninsula. King Rarmucamuhan provided the first Thai character, traded with China, and brought the pottery processing technology in. It is in Rarmucam in the inscription by king N , saying that "When the people were the sicknesses, ..medicinal use botanical garden.. availably became a make-up in the Mt. Caolan and the Caosappayar mountain".

Do the in existence of the mountain in the Kirimart-gun in Thai Prefecture in Squaw. Moreover, to the inscription「The fish is in water, and it is in the rice field the rice plant, and does not the king not impose the tax on the people, and want others' wealths?The appeal will be heard and a good king judge impartially though he rings the bell at the gate of the royal palace when doing and the people whom the bell entices cause it at each fight. 」It is recorded, and it looks and it can know richness at that time.

However, king Ritai who throned back became an aspect next small country in various places the revolt, and had already positively researched a French method, wrote three boundary theory, and deepened understanding of people's Buddhisms by king Lutai age. The first, temporary Buddhism priest is accomplished in the history of Thailand, and this is assumed to be in trying the tie of a Squaw Thai dynasty when the symptom of the fall had already been shown Ritai's having a French method at the same time. Ritai consequentially established one thought of Tammararchar (Dalmararja) of the royal prerogative thought.

The buddhist temple of the Terawarda Buddhism bore a central role of the education and the culture at that time. It is thought that the priest in the buddhist temple has knowledge of the curative plant, and was advising treatment that uses the curative plant for the people.

The Ayutthaya dynasty gains power around here. Rarmartiborde did not seize Squaw Thailand though one generation of Ayutthaya Hatsyoou and Rarmartiborde had begun to add pressure at a Squaw Thai dynasty. The country was separated by king Pangwa in king Sailutai's age, and royal family Thailand in Squaw came only to govern Phitsanulok. The heir came to a rupture in the age of four Mahartammararchar generations, it was absorbed in shape that the prince Rarmaswan (the following king Borromatorairorcanart) at the Ayutthaya dynasty who was the relative of royal family Thailand in Squaw took the back at the Ayutthaya dynasty, and a Squaw Thai dynasty disappeared though the country continued in detail afterwards.

■Ayutthaya dynasty
The Ayutthaya dynasty (1351- 1767) is a dynasty by a Thai family that develops mainly the central part of present Thailand. The founder is one Rarmartibode generation (king Utorn).

The geographical advantage located in the middle where China was connected with India and a European district was made the best use of as well as the dynasty of each age that happened in Thailand, and the trade was important as wealth in the country. A monopolistic trade was done by centering on the royal family at the Ayutthaya dynasty. It actively traded chiefly with the east Asian nation, Southeast Asian islands part, an Arab Persian district, and the West in Japan and Ryukyu, etc. besides the national power was put by exporting rice to China, and the colossal wealth was saved. The colorful original culture that the cultures such as China, Europe, and Persia influenced absorbing the Khmer culture that had prospered at that time in Ayutthaya in the background of this wealth flowered.

It doesn't become clear about king Utorn's coming from on the history material. Therefore, some theories have been submitted. There are a theory etc. from Lopburi from the theory of having migrated from Tiensan thrown away ..the epidemic (Perhaps, it is cholera).. to the inside and Suphanburi. Anyway, it is possible to look to Thai central part that founds Ayutthaya for the existence of the dynasty that has not been found yet as the history material already because of no territory of a Squaw Thai morning it, and finding old ruins immediately before the Ayutthaya age's starting in Thai central part in addition though the situation of the vicinity of the foundation this time of the Ayutthaya morning was adjacent to the north a Squaw Thai morning. Or, it is possible that the small country is concomitant. For instance, Lopburi and Phetchaburi are given to China besides a Squaw Thai morning at this blank period (Thai central part before foundation the Ayutthaya morning). Therefore, king Utorn's coming from is thought the idea that it is from a royal family in the country where Thai central part exists perhaps even though it is appropriate. By the way, it means the cradle of money, and there are a lot of kings who have this name in Thai central part in the legend Utorn. In a word, it is a custom of the naming of Thai central part.

...Rarmartiborde.. pat is described from king Utorn in the dynasty chronicle. When the king ascends the throne, the following Squaw Thai policy makes royal family Spannapum's (Suphanburi) cooperation remarkable. indispensable

Rarmartiborde (one generation) invited a French monk from Ceylon for domestic union, assumed the top seat part Buddhism (lesser vehicle Buddhism) to be an official religion of the nation, maintained Dalmashasutora that was the law code of Hinduism and the custom in Thailand, and the radical (three sign law code) was maintained. These three sign law codes will function as a fundamental law ceremony of Thailand until the 19th century when a modern law code is maintained.

The population of overwhelming a Southeast Asian region completely was lacked though the Ayutthaya dynasty came to be considered as the maximum power in Southeast Asia by the 14th end of the century. Therefore, to oppose Vietnamese power that was extending power to the Khmer dynasty that was declining at that time, the encore (Khmers' cities) was attacked in later years and Rarmartiborde was added to the illustration of Ayutthaya ( 1362). However, it takes 100 years afterwards, the Ayutthaya morning annexes a Squaw Thai morning, and a Squaw Thai morning will disappear though Ayutthaya cannot accomplish complete seizure of the encore, and the relation to a Squaw Thai kingdom became shape that Squaw Thailand gives Ayutthaya. However, the affinity of royal family Spannapum who rises newly in Ayutthaya and the royal family in Squaw Thailand strengthens by this process, and it is thought that royal family Thailand in Squaw continued afterwards.

The trade with nations also actively had the residence district in Chinese, a slamse mense, Portuguese, and a Japanese town, etc.The Tokugawa Shogunate made a passage as many as 55 times by Goshuin ship, and advanced the trade with Thailand in 32 years until isolation from 1603 to 1635 started though was said that there was a Japanese of 800?3000 person in a Japanese town. It is a famous story that head Yamada politics was active as the Japanese courage commander. The medicine at the Ayutthaya dynasty is thought to be coexistence of various one from the one along the Buddhism philosophy to the enchantment and astrology. And, various knowledge was divided. The domain of medicine seems to have included lace Ann etc. who the Mornuad bureau who was the massage doctor, and were pharmacist, pediatrist, and royal family's doctors.

1659?The medicine book by the doctor in various countries was put together for the period that king Narai until 1661 ruled, and it was presented by the king. It was called, "King Narai's medicine book", and the prescription of 81 kinds of medicines was written here, and a lot of shops that sold the curative plant for the people existed, too. The Ra revers that was French government public relations at that time is reported as follows. 「The Thai only massages it without doing anything even if it gets sick. And, it recovers in most cases. 」It is possible to look widely widespread of Taimassarge from this word in the tradition medicine of Thailand.

The Malacca kingdom in the Malay Peninsula becomes the trouble of Ayutthaya in the 15th century. It is because of coming the conversion of Malacca and the Malay Peninsula various cities in the Tambraringa south in the Malay Peninsula in the 15th century to Haya Islam, and coming proclaim one's independence. The Malay Peninsula northern part is maintained and domestic economy will be enriched by the merchant from China that has requested high-level goods though Ayutthaya consequentially loses the southern part of the Malay Peninsula.

On the other hand, Burma in the west competes for hegemony in the region, is repeating ..Ayutthaya.. attack obstinately from about the 16th century, and this will rack its brains about Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya was revived by Naraswan though the monarch and Bainnaun of Burma at the Taung dynasty took down king Ayutthaya and Mahintorartirart in 1569. After the Combaun dynasty rises, Ayutthaya is annoyed again by the invasion of Burma though it seemed temporarily to have installed the invasion of Burma from the suffering of Burma of the civil war after this. The Ayutthaya dynasty is ruined by Shimbushin in 1767. At this time, after a Burmese army retreats, Tarcshin that newly became a king transfers the capital the Ayutthaya revival to resignation Thonburi because the town in Ayutthaya was thoroughly destroyed.

■1 Chacre dynasty generation in Lama
Formal nomenclature: King Pttayortofarturarrorc alias and alias: King

1 generation (Rama I and March 20, 1737- September 7, 1809) in Lama is an initiator of Kingdom of Thailand at the current dynasty and the Chacre dynasty. The childhood name is tone Duwan. Royal family Ayutthaya's blood is pulled, and it is said the officer in the Ayutthaya age and the descendant of Chao Phraya Corsarparn. It had already had the title name of officer Lwan'yocc cravat in the Ayutthaya dynasty end as a government official. The title of 1 generation in Lama is the one enacted by 6 generations in Lama.

Tarcshin of the Ka person power will expel soldier Burma next year when the Ayutthaya dynasty that he served was occupied by Burma (present Myanmar) in 1767(2310 a Thai French calendar) the Lwan'yocc cravat (1 generation in Lama) served king Tarcshin at this time at the Thonburi dynasty though it took to the king in causing Thailand. Lwan Yocccrabat is known as a hard general because it was promoted to Pra Rarchawarin in the exploit to have sent Rayong mother of Tarcshin for protection when Tarcshin rose in arms in Rayong, a lot of military results are raised, and it was promoted to Prayar Apaironrit, Prayar Yomarart, Chao Phraya zipper Lee, and Somudettochaoprayar Maharcasattoscc one after another.

When coming, king Tarcshin at the Thonburi dynasty was Chao Phraya in the fall of life as for the mentally unbalanced state (1 generation in Lama) feared the domestic turmoil, interrupted the Cambodia expedition, returned to Thonburi, and executed king Tarcshin. Chao Phraya was to be recommended by the people and to have become a king in the authentic history of Thailand though took to the king by Chao Phraya after this. The zipper Lee dynasty was founded after the Chao Phraya river was placed from introducing oneself Thonburi and it constructed and Bangkok (Correctness is Clntap) was transfered the capital to the east shore that was the opposite bank, and theocratic at the Ayutthaya dynasty was succeeded to , saying that It is a mind of France in Prabartosomudettopra Pttayortofarturarrorc and uppermost heavens in the world because it had become a king as for the name).

King Turarrorc (1 generation in Lama) demonstrated the hard general yellowtail after it ascended the throne, reached several-time, expelled Burma that had marched, and stabilized the country. '3 Shilshihou' was maintained when the country was steady and the government organization degree was maintained. Moreover, literary Rarmakien and Inao that introduced a lot of scholars to show the descendant it at the Ayutthaya dynasty and had gotten scattered and lost in the Burma occupation age were edited again. Still Rarmakien of 1 generation in Lama version is known as goods of ..excellent.. in Rarmakien with the number. Watt Pracao (emerald French buddhist temple) known to be a sightseeing spot is due to his construction. King Turarrorc set up Buddha of the emerald of which Vienchan was deprived here. He is assumed that a lot of buddhist temples were built besides this. There are Saparn putto etc. the first Ohashi laid in the Chao Phraya river assuming that crown famous ..his name... Moreover, the main temple of the oldest buddhist temple watt Po in Bangkok who was said the creation in the Ayutthaya age of the dynasty was restored, and watt Prachatupon Uimommancrawart and a new name were applied.

The guide of the curative plant was compiled, and the statue of Lushedatton was made in watt Po precincts in 1788(2331 a Thai French calendar). Durability is lacked in the one that gold foil was pasted to clay at that time, and it comes to try to make it back though it is not certain how many actually to have been made.

The Mornuad bureau was opened in this age just like the Ayutthaya age of the dynasty, and it divided into Morrarsadorn who was the doctor of lace Ann and the people who were royal family's doctors. Moreover, medical knowledge's the populace at large's coming to make the medicine book at that time, and having spread between the populace at larges look and it is possible to know.

■2 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama
Formal nomenclature: King Pttalutorarnaparrai
Alias and alias:King Naparrai and king Lutonaparrai

2 generations'(Rama II and February 26, 1766- July 21, 1824) in Lama sons of 1 generation in Lama in the king of Kingdom of Thailand at the Chacre dynasty at the 2nd generation. Infant great Tim. When 1 generation in Lama ascended the throne in 1782(2345 a Thai French calendar), Tim got prince Cromulwan'issarasntorn's name. It became a priest in accordance with the tradition of the Buddhism of Thailand afterwards. I became a viceroy, and it became Crown Prince as the viceroy in 1806(2349 a Thai French calendar) died. 1 generation in Lama ascends the king because it died in 1809(2352 a Thai French calendar). Burma was occupied by Britain in the latter half, and attack and the country were maintained though Burma had frequently attacked the first half of the reign. For the poet included also by one of the great writers in Thailand, distinguished services on a literary side are large. Because domestic affairs had been left, it seems not to have had power in the aristocrat of person Bnnarc etc. so much politically.

■3 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama

3 generations in Lama were related to the versification of the epic 'Kung Churn = Kung pane' as the poet of 2 generation in Lama heirloom who was father. Moreover, because the number of war disturbances had decreased in the reign of 3 generations in Lama, the world was able to do the upgrading of infrastructure aggressively to stability. Therefore, 3 generations in Lama are assumed to be "Construction period at the Chacre dynasty".

The name is Gou of Nancrao that is a part of the formal nomenclature by 4 generations in Lama, and it uses and the formal nomenclature (..drinking.. ..Itsu.. part) is Chasadarbordin generally while living. 3 generations in Lama ..him.. arose in the royal palace in Bangkok as the first grandchild under the rule of 1 generation in Lama. The childhood name is a tap. Father is Issarasntorn imperial prince (the following 2 generations in Lama) and mother is Liam (the following Cromusomudettopra Srarrai).

It is taken by the grandfather and father when discretion lucky and it can be thought that it is possible to hang on the battlefield, and the emperor study etc. were acquired by this average. 1 generation in Lama raises a revolt and when it dies and father's Issarasntorn attaches to the throne, the Casattorarnutit imperial prince who is the son of Tarcshin raises a revolt. At this time, the tap imperial prince is given the post that subjugates the Casattorarnutit imperial prince and succeeds. At this time, the official title named Cromumuan Chasadarbordin is gotten.

2 generations every tap imperial prince 37 years old in Lama get serious illness and die. Monct was absorbed as a priest in and study according to the royal family law though the Monct imperial prince (4 generations in Lama) had rights to the throne. The tap experienced work in a lot of public government offices, and executed Outstom of 2 generations in Lama as a proxy on the other hand in fact in the fall of life. The vote is done and the tap comes to succeed to the throne though it was divided in opinion in the royal palace because of this for the succession to the throne.

3 generations in Lama presented 1 generation in Lama till then, and it was abolished to have called "The first reign externals" and 2 generations in Lama "Mid-term reign externals", and presented of each Gou "Pttayortofarturarrorc" and "Pttalutorarnaparrai" upon the accession to the throne. This is because of being likely being likely to be called, 3 generations in Lama are "The last reign externals".

また、即位の後に与えられた儀式的な名前は以下の通りです。Moreover, the ceremonial name given after the accession to the throne is as follows. ソムデットプラボーロマラーチャーティラートラーマーティボーディー・シーシントーンボーロママハーチャックラパッディラーチャーティボーディン・トーラニンタラーティラート・ラッタナーカーサパーソックラウォン・オンパラマーティベート・トリープーワネートラウォーラナーヨック・ディロッカラッタナラーチャチャートアーチャーワサイ・サムッタイカローモン・サコンチャックラワーラーティメン・スリイェンタラーティボーディン・ハリハリンタラーターダーティボーディー・シースウィブーン・クンアッカニット・リッティラーメースワラマハン・ボーロマタンミカラーティラート・デーチョーチャイ・プロムテーパーディテープナルボーディー・プーミントーンパラマティベート・ロークチェータウィスット・ラッタナモンクットプラテーサカター・マハープッターンクーン・ボーロマボーピット・プラプッタチャオユーフワ

2 generations in Lama reaped big profits by a trade toward China during the accession to the throne of 27 years. This profit was put in a red bag, and 2 generations in Lama were kept in the bed. This money was called "Money of a red bag", and 2 generations in Lama valued this red bag as "It was attacked from the foreign country and when the territory was lost, bought it back by this".

3 generations in Lama made efforts to the military build-up on the other hand. It was easy to regret going into of Vietnamese power by using this forces it was while there was Combaun dynasty of Burma in being in the invasion of Britain dressing at that time and to stop it. It invades the west of Cambodia and the territory is made the one at the same time. Moreover, because king Anuwon raised the standard of revolt to Siam in the Vienchan kingdom in Laos, this is subjugated.

3 generations in Lama are known as a religious king. Food was distributed to the people of the poorest segment of the population for the pious act on a French day, and the animal was liberated from man's hand (pious act often done in Thailand). Moreover, the buddhist temple of 50 or more was built and mended.

It is famous as the writer, and 3 generations in Lama do the writing such as 'Kung Churn = Kung pane' with 2 generations in Lama etc.

■4 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama

King Chormucrao of real name. King Monct is often used as a name in the foreign country to call the childhood name Monct. However, attention is required so that the word called the real name of 6 generations in Lama Monct may appear. It resigned one's throne to to the elder brother originally for the studies concentration, and it kept studying though there were rights to the throne in him from 3 generations of the elder brother in Lama.It belonged to the temple, and the Pali word and the Sanskrit word that was the language of Buddhist scriptures were mastered for 27 years until ascending the throne. I felt the doubt in the ideal way of the Buddhism of Thailand in that.

Afterwards, it borrowed Christianity missionary's hand, English and Latin were studied, it mentioned the Christianity that the doctrine is rationalized through Renaissance, the religion in a new age was felt had the rationalized one, and the Buddhism that excluded the vulgar superstition was built. At this time, the Buddhism group of the built reformation sect is called Tamayuttonicari. It is a person who discovered large king Rarmucamuhan inscription.

After it ascended the throne, the relation to the West was valued, Anna Reonorwenz (Mrs. Anna Leonowens) was invited from Britain to tutorial, it put, and Western education was done to children. It is said that you should not trust it because Anna had the habit of false though it is being written in 'Anna and Siamese king Monct' at this time. Both screening is prohibited in Thailand though this story was made into a film by making to the playwriting and 'Anna and king' in 'The King and I' back.

The West and the free trade were begun, and it came to export rice. Therefore, a lot of canals were constructed in the central plain part of Thailand, and the production increase of rice was achieved. Rice is a big still export item of Thailand. To attempt foreigner's convenience, a new loading was constructed. It is said that this king left 62 children.

At that time, the wall painting of Lushedatton was drawn. Wall paintings of Lushedatton posed 40 exist still in watt Matimawart in the Songkhla city in the Songkhla prefecture.

■ 5 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama

5 generations (September 20, Rama V and 1853- October 23, 1910) in Lama say king Turachormucrao the real name. The study tour is done to Europe and America at once when ascending the throne, and the lag of Thailand is actually felt. A lot of reforms that were called Chacre reform were done. Large king Turarroncorn (King Chulalongkorn the Great) is often used as a name in the foreign country to call the childhood name Turarorncorn. Popularity is still high alone of three major king Thailand, the portrait becomes the neck decorations and a poster from the people, and the image is put on the buddhist altar. It is being chosen only as one person of "20 of Asia that has the influence power most this century" by 'Time' magazine of the United States by the Thai in 1999.

He left the big achievement as follows. First of all, the slave buying and selling done in a public way was abolished putting it for years. The picture of the emancipation of slaves remains in the Anantasamarcom palace. And, the king in various places was abolished, and the unitary state was made up. Other having made the administration efficiency introducing bureaucracy, having set up the national administration conference and the privy council that became the antecedent of the assembly system, having begun the academic training, having passed the train from Bangkok to Nacornrarchashemar by maintaining the Rarchadamunun road and the circumference, and having begun the phone duty accomplished a lot of great achievements.

Myanmar in those days (Burma) and Malaysia were occupied by Britain, and Vietnam was being occupied by France. Turarroncorn ceded a part of the Malay Peninsula to Britain, and prevented this by ceding Laos and Cambodia in France though was aimed at Thailand. There seems to be a reason that it was not possible to occupy it plainly because of having been modernized to some degree by saying that it wanted to leave Thailand as a buffer area if it makes it to Britain and France, and Turarroncorn.

Even a multi wife multi child is famous. Turarroncorn had the elder sister and the younger sister of half in the lawful wife and the sub-wife, and as for the number of wives who had put the side room, the number of children seemed not to be enough only by the palace established as an annex in watt Pracao because it was 77 people and successive the highest, and to have made the palace in Dushit by 160 people or more. The part can be still seen in the Dushit park zoo, the Dushit park teacher-training school, the Wimarmmac palace, Thai kingdom National Diet, the Anantasamarcom palace lord, and the Tittorardar palace, etc. though this is called Dushit palace.

Moreover, 5 generations in Lama made the medicine book that was interested, and written also in the old medicine book written in fronds of a palm in the Khmer word and the Pali word translated into Thai, and contributed to the tradition medicine of Thailand as the medicine book in the country was printed in 1895. It is revised back, knowledge concerning the medical literature and the massage is collected, and do the in existence of this medicine book as "Tamura Pasard Soncro Chabapp Rouen".


■6 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama

6 generations in Lama(Rama VI and one in January, 1880? November 26, 1925)It is called king Watirarut (King Vajiravudh) with infant name of ..peel.. , Watirarut in the foreign country. It stayed in Britain as a king who had done study abroad for the first time in the history of the dynasty of Thailand. After it returned home, the full general was done, and the started Chacre reform of 5 generations in Lama was promoted when working, and ascending the throne in 1910, and a lot of reforms were done. Sashihou besides the introduction of the compulsory education system, the power plant, the maintenance of the water service facilities, the Dormmuan airport, and putto Ohashi, the adoptions of the tricolor of a present national flag, the adoptions of a French calendar, and the installation of the Thai Red Cross and the abolitions of the plurality of wives was enacted and the family name was given to the people.

■7 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama

7 generations in Lama the last are absolute monarchs and the first constitutional monarch in Thailand. The real name is king Pocccrao. The childhood name takes the part with Prachartipoccsaccdidat and it is called king Prachartipocc in the foreign country.

Prachartipocc appeared between 5 generations in Lama and princesses Patcharin in the royal palace in Bangkok. It learnt with the Eton college, the Ulwitti service academy in Britain, and Ecole Superieure de Guerre of France, and it had worked as a serviceman for a short term it after the homecoming in 1924. At this time, Prachartipocc seems to have boasted that it was a serviceman after it had become a king.

6 generations in Lama throne because there was no adult child in 6 generations in Lama and he who was the half brother will throne in haste when dying though it was not a schedule of becoming a king if original. The political ground was thin because it was an accession to the throne not anticipated, and there was no leave that built the political ground that 6 generations in Lama had, and 7 generations in Lama came to agonize among old power royal family and bureaucrats.

After having ascended the processing of the debt that had been held in 6 generation in Lama age, 7 generations in Lama were faced at once. The central government finance that has deteriorated deteriorates because the United States was able to look and to turn to world crises and even the bottom has deteriorated though it started holding the highest adviser conference that consists of five people to measure the breakthrough of this situation, and it straightening out that problem by one's best. Then, it is famous because "Rationalization" cut short was finally done from nine million bahts to three million bahts for the civil list. 7 generations in Lama bought the anger of the bureaucrat of the class of the France going abroad to study to whom bureaucrat's human affairs were incidentally taught in a bureaucrat and especially democratic atmosphere because of "Rationalization". The sense of crisis to this rationalization invented People's Party back.

7 generations in Lama came to think about the assembly system introduction at time when the United States was visited for the eye disease operation in 1931. Now, and the royal family who consisted of the member of the highest adviser conference encountered severely and reversely and it was abandoned that it became an announced stage making the draft constitution for that. It was made to promulgate a constitution to 7 generations in Lama in 1932. As a result, the period was put to a monarchic government absolute ..continued after 5 generations in Lama...

However, it escaped to Britain because it was ..7 generation in Lama.. sick because the new government did not abolish the monarchic government, and the constitutional monarchy of ..the king approval.. power instead was introduced of eyes of next year. The king approval is refused it kept refusing 7 generations in Lama though the new government asked 7 generations in Lama to return it to Thailand because it was necessary to go to Britain to obtain the king approval, and it was not able to do smooth processing of clerical work. Afterwards, 7 generations in Lama were abdicated at the will of voluntarily to protest against the Pahon political power that did not start shifting to a democratic system even if passing by when in 1935. Misfortune died as it is in Britain in 1941 though spent. Remains returned to Thailand in 1949.

■8 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama

8 generations (Rama VIII and September 20, 1925- June 9, 1946) in Lama say the king Arnanta paralysis Don the real name. In the foreign country, it is called king Arnanta and the king paralysis Don. Person who corresponds to nephew of 7 generations in Lama in grandchild of 5 generations in Lama. It was born in 1925(2468 a Thai French calendar) in Heidelberg in Germany.

When father will die next year, they are three brothers and study in Lausanne in Switzerland though it came back to first Thailand ..the age in 1928(2471 a Thai French calendar)... Return studies were continued to Switzerland at once though it ascended the throne by the decision of the Diet in Thailand when 7 generations in Lama abdicated in 1934(2477). It died by "Accident" next year though studies were finished in 1945(2488) and it returned home.

Because report of a gun was in the Borromapimarn palace, it is said that 8 generations in Lama are dead when running. The police suggested the murder theory based on the autopsy result though it was almost put in order as it was due to the accidental discharge accident of the gun. An investigation any more was not continued after all, the responsibility was taken, do the mass resignation of Cabinet, and several royal officials were executed though 8 generation in Lama death event investigation headquarters was set up. The writing of William Stevenson also who it was a novelist who investigated under the cooperation of 9 generations in Lama this event and was the journalist to the back It was suggested that evidence was presented by "King of the revolution (The original title: The Revolutionary King)", and the possibility of the crime by the staff and Tsgemasanob of Japan's now-defunct Army be high. However, the street escapes from Thailand according to record of Tsgemasanob and 'Three going underwater Chisato' in 1945, and it can be said as unnatural of it to assassinate 8 generations in return Lama from being in China to Bangkok purposely on June 9, 1946. The truth still has and is uncertain. It is still taboo to go deep into this problem in Thailand because there is a possibility of colliding with the lese majesty now.

■9 Chacre dynasty generations in Lama

9 generations in Lama are present kings. In general, it is called, "King Bhumibol" (It means "Power of unique, strong land").

It was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States on December 5, 1927(2470 a Thai French calendar). It is a person in father who has it as for ..the 69th 5 generation in Lama.. son and the phosphorus of Naka Songkhla imperial prince. Studies were pursud at the Lausanne university in Switzerland. 8 generation in elder brother Lama Arnanta ascends Thai monarch 12 hours after the death of Aniou though it takes leave of absence once in studies, and it returns home to Thailand in 1945(2488 a Thai French calendar) after World War II is concluded because it died mysteriously on June 9 next year 1946. It returned to the Lausanne university at once afterwards, and it returned home in 1952(2495 a Thai French calendar).

The same year..France..stay..meet..similarly..royal family..won..marry.It entered priesthood based on the tradition of the Buddhism of Thailand for 1956 afterwards (2499 a Thai French calendar), it parted from the world temporarily, and it returned to secular life (Return to the mundaneness again). Afterwards, the Kazuo third daughter was gained.

When the wave of making to communism was received under the cold war after World War II after the bureaucrat putting of the military political power steadily, and it saw it like confusing not only surrounding countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Cambodia but also the countries, the political ability to splendor was shown to the control of the situation.

In abortive coup attempt "Tragedy case in May" generated in 1992, there is an anecdote to make Prime Minister Stindar against the background of the army, the civilian leader of the democracy movement group, and the Achham loan sit straight in front of the throne equally, and to make the disturbance's being made quiet only by the persuasion in one night. King Pumipon's own political maturity is shown off, and the side as the balancer of power is emphasized ..near better one.. ..passing.. . while a further, true taste was given to the noblesse oblige assumed to have to do as Thai monarch "The human nature is a high, merciful person" is traditional.

It became a skirmish between neighboring country Cambodia 2003, and in a Cambodian embassy in Thailand, the agitated Thai people were not lucid matchless when surging , saying that "It should not be puzzled to villain's word" and had it come home by Arawa reality. The House of Representatives general election to which the opposition party boycotted candidacy was ordered in April, 2006, and the re-doing was suggested in the reason with "It was not democratic", the constitutional court ordered king intention, and trying to receive was ordered.

It is the world, it is a long king as of 2007 for the accession to the throne period, and it has throned for a period long in which it sees uncommonly also on a Thai history. It is in the cry Kangwon palace that usually exists in Fwahin for aged now, and decreases the number of official duties.

It was executed as the celebration that celebrated the 60th accession to the throne anniversary enumerated the country in June, 2006, the royal family and the royalty also attended from countries that caught monarchism in 25 countries in the world such as Japan, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands, and the king accession to the throne celebrated 60 years. The emperor on now also attended from Japan.

Royal family's ownership ground is offered for another and an own land reform movement that voluntarily guides the activation program of local economy including the agriculture that is called "Royal project", and various royal family projects such as artificial rain of the farm village development and the drought measures are promoted. Moreover, a local inspection was done with the queen very aggressively, and the Thai people's respect and trust were won surely. It is buried when becoming before the birthday of every year completely by the citizens who wore a yellow shirt that is decorated the portrait in nationwide various places, and is assumed king color.

Now..Bhumibol..king..Thailand..wide..very..respect..support..academic training..do..Bhumibol..king..worship..lese majesty..compulsory..one..lese majesty..existence..do..actually..Thailand..people..this..crime..ask..hardly..none at all..one..above-mentioned..a variety of..distinguished services..evaluate..people..voluntary..sense of deference..inside and outside..evaluate. When introducing it in the overseas report corner etc. of NHK radio small hours of service, the expression "(The Thai people :) king Bhumibol who holds in high esteem" is used without fail. It is sarcastic that the point that it rather obstructs the maturity of democracy exists while there is the truth to which character of such king Bhumibol height maintains political stability of Thailand it.

The royal family in Thailand historically also is deep the edge, comes to Japan first with imperial household in Japan also by the king in May, 1963, and confers over the emperor on another who confers with Emperor Hirohito in a temporary palace in Imperial Palace at that time and now, the empress, and several degrees. Moreover, the Ayagen Akishinonomiya imperial prince with a lot of official, informal visits to Thailand is assumed to be "As well as my child" and it makes it to the friendship. It is also famous to patronize the single lens reflex camera of another and Canon Inc. that is known by using a lot of products made in Japan in daily life, and uses it for movable in the royal palace for a certain period of time over three HONDA accords for years.

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