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■The merit of the TTMA official recognition school
A lot of service of the relief that business support was filled up in the TTMA official recognition school. The following concrete service privileges are received.



最大級のタイ関連リンク集「ALL THAI DIRECTORY」に無料掲載されます。こちらには非公認サロンも掲載されていますが、公認サロンはビッグサイズのバナー付き。注目度が違います。


良いスタッフの確保は、スクールを運営していく上での最重要課題。需要があっても供給が追いつかなければ売上は立ちません。TTMA公認スクールは、求人情報の掲載料が 無料なので、必要な時にはいつでもすぐに掲載ができます。経営者ならわかる安心のサービスです。求人情報はセラピスト求人情報に掲載されます。なお、詳細は、求人情報を掲載しよう!のページをご覧ください。


公認スクールでは、「無料体験セミナー」を定期的に開催していただきますが、トップ広告では、その日程が公開されます。TTMAのサイトのトップページの中でも最も目立つ部分に出す数行の広告ですが、その効果は絶大。それ以外の情報も格安で掲載できます。 タイマッサージ情報が集約されたTTMAのホームページは世界レベルでも最大級のサイト。そのトップページの中でも最も目立つ部分だから、大きな反響が期待できます。詳しくはトップページに広告を出そう!のページをご覧ください。

ニュースページ広告は、 貴社のホームページのアクセスアップ(SEO対策)を視野に入れたバナー広告。TTMAのホームページ以外にも公認スクールのページなどからも貴社のページへのリンクが貼られます。ホームページのアクセスアップのためには、貴社のページがアクセスの取れているサイトからリンクを貼ってもらうことが重要なポイント。まさにニュースページ広告の掲載は、貴社のページへのアクセスを増やすための広告です。詳しくは、ニュースページに広告を出そう!のページをご覧ください。


■About a TTMA official recognition school
As the cognitive degrees of the Thai ancient rite massage increase, in the national salon, I put up the signboard of the school, and a case to teach to a student without permission as a school happens quite often. It is the thing which the most teach it to for an inexperienced student, but I say that a partner does not have knowledge, and there are particularly many cases teaching groundless technology to. It is a case explaining only merely turn without teaching a meaning and importance of right pressure, mental attitude or the mind of the Thai ancient rite massage. When an inexperienced person learns a Thai ancient rite massage, it can never deny that it is apt to come to do its best first to learn a turn. However, even if teach only a turn though one pressure is not possible precisely; it at all without the meaning is done. The surgical operation pushing physical cannot be called the Thai ancient rite massage. In addition, at the school of such a non-official recognition, I increase the number of hours of the class for a rate, and there seem to be many cases which acquire a pretense, a student as if I am economical.

We can say a similar thing in the Thai own country. It is so in yoga and the tradition food, but there is surely a splendid engineer in the home. However, it is not determined that all of genuine schools does splendid guidance yet. There are a lot of places performing a school at the level of the optional tour that a foreigner participates in prices in particular are low, and to earn a foreign currency income in the country where the difference of the standard of living is clear. The selection of school thinks that it is important that student own which I am going to learn has you choose you carefully after having recognized "how you keep a Thai ancient rite massage alive after graduation" well.

In fact, there are many cases which a person from school of such a non-official recognition took a examination for because the native place school does not ask it it to take an entrance examination for the authorized TTMA pro therapist authorization examination of TTMA. However, a case extending to the disappointing result is most. As a result, "will be cheap, will be bad"; is similar, and seem to tend to become it. It is the traditional culture of the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Thai ancient rite massage is traditional medicine of the Kingdom of Thailand. I remove respect and wrestle seriously and wish successors of the traditional culture increase heartily.

The TTMA official recognition school, Because I stand on importance of the pressure and a meaning of the dissection physiology of each technique and the dangerous example in the relation with the illness at the school which TTMA recognized formally as the school which can handle a full-scale Thai ancient rite massage as Thai traditional medicine and teach it, there are the results most in Japan as a school to play an active part as a professional. As for the student, a lot of not only the Japanese but also Thai and Westerners drain a professional all over the world, too. The TTMA official recognition school, more than the A grade instructive therapist.Of course there is the school where a person in charge with the AA grade teacher qualification is resident inside. Please choose him depending on a future purpose of student oneself.

At the TTMA official recognition school, I perform the enforcement of the authorized TTMA pro therapist authorization examination. The basic stage corresponding to the C grade primary therapist qualification is an instructor of the B grade advanced therapist qualification, but guidance is possible, but the authorization examiner of the A grade instructive therapist qualification examines the enforcement of the authorization examination. I can perform the guidance of the upper applied stage corresponding to the B grade advanced therapist qualification with the instructor of the A grade instructive therapist qualification, but the authorization test tube of the AA grade teacher qualification performs the enforcement of the authorization examination likewise. I always examine it objectively and maintain the level of the Thai ancient rite massage by doing it this way.

■The kind of the TTMA official recognition school
The TTMA official recognition school has an independent model and two kinds of the Thai massage private supplementary school. I make use of an existing name, and, in the case of the independence type, "the TTMA official recognition ○○○○ school" is. I seem to say "TTMA official recognition ○○○○ Thailand massage private supplementary school", and, in the case of the Thai massage private supplementary school, the local name is in the part of ○○○○.

■About the recruitment of the model plan independent TTMA an authorized school
TTMA recruits schools having you be active as a TTMA official recognition school. I can work on a business trip in examining it immediately now as an authorized school if the school which does not belong to TTMA satisfies a TTMA school authorization standard. Please be active as a TTMA official recognition school I spread a genuine Thai ancient rite massage with the splendid effect effect, and to tell in history. Because the TTMA official recognition school is not a franchise system; cannot have put a part of the tuition. But it is necessary to have you use the text which TTMA supervised, and the overheads actual expenses (the 10,000 yen / moon) on administering it are necessary. It is a system it teaches a Thai ancient rite massage as the Thai traditional medicine properly, and to spread it. The company having you approve of it will be active together by all means.

■About the recruitment of TTMA official recognition / the Thaimassage Juku private supplementary school plan
When it joins TTMA official recognition Thaimassage Juku private supplementary school, it is OK if it has a A grade instructive therapist qualification. You can deal with the guidance of the direct Thai ancient rite massage. The Thaimassage Juku private supplementary school, While a business presents a TTMA official recognition salon in Maine, it is the system which was devised when I can utilize a spare time and space space effectively. It does not cost money of participation at all. The headquarters manage all the delivery of the tuition from a student collectively. Because it is the system which guidance charges are transferred to later by the headquarters in each private supplementary school, the troublesome office administration is unnecessary.


■A flow of the TTMA official recognition school registration
At first it is necessary for it to be it to a therapist member with the following point to register itself as a TTMA official recognition school because it is a condition that the person in charge of the school has higher than A grade instructive therapist qualification. (in detail)Look at a page of the member of TTMA therapist recruitment;). In other words at first please clear a point whether or not a technical standard satisfies a constant condition.

There is school examination next. There is charged examination with safe management and an aspect of the hygiene management. When there are service of manners and customs and an illegal act, it is not admitted. In detail, Look at a page A TTMA salon authorization standard.

■About business trip examination
Examiner TTMA authorization goes on a business trip to your school and examines it and can file. An authorized school judge goes on a business trip, and the location of the school examines it in the case of the distant place. I clear some examination standards, and the your school can move into action as a TTMA official recognition school, too. Specifically Look at a page of TTMA various authorization / business trip examination.

About moon fee
In the TTMA official recognition school, moon fee 10,000 yen are necessary.

■About a TTMA identification of authorized school
In the TTMA official recognition school, I "prove an authorized school" But, it is issued. Please post it in a shop. The visitor recognizes a your store as a token of relief.

■The one by registration to the TTMA official recognition school desired, Please apply to a member of TTMA agreement after an agreement.

■About the TTMA official recognition school registration, please transmit an email to TTMA.
At first the application from the your school is necessary for TTMA official recognition school registration. Application is to have an email transmit a message from this place, and application is completed. In TTMA, it is based on the application from a your store and starts examination. Please transmit an email in specifying the following matter because I will contact it more than TTMA. An email can transmit a message when I click the mark of the right side.

◎The information that TTMA is necessary for authorized school registration
1、a school person in charge full name
3、a member of therapist number
4、a juridical person or an individual
(It is a juridical person name in the case of the juridical person)
5、a zip code of the school location
6、the school location(Please fill it out from the metropolis and districts.)
7、a school phone number(Please fill it out with half size.)
8、the homepage address of the school
9、the main course of the school
10、the alma mater of the person in charge
11、a career about the Thai ancient rite massage
12、e-mail address to get the communication


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