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History of Thai Massage

■The origin of the massage
When you have physical pains and feel uncomfortable, you touch, rub, and massage that part instinctively. This action performed unconsciously can date back to human evolution. Not only the human being but also many mammals rub thier hands and feet by themselves and relive wounds. But we human being organized these actions in long time, and a current massage developed.

It dates back more than 5000 years ago to find the description about the massage in history. There is the historic record that it was introduced to Thailand in the times of Ki, Chinese Emperor in those days (Huang-Ti). It was written down in Indian documents Ayur veda of about B.C. 1800 that it relieves and revives human body. There are many descriptions of massages in various culture and medical books, and we can see many discriptions in the Bible. Among them is the famous one that "laying on of hands" as a method to cure a disease.

■The origin of the Thai massage
The origin of the Traditional Thai Massage dates back to 2500 years ago. The founder of histrical Thai medicine is said to be the doctor who came from India called the Rev. Shiwog Gomarabat. He was intimate with Buddha and called the "father of Medicine", as the leading doctor of Buddhist group organized with Sangha Buddha as leader. He not only acuired the technique of Traditional Thai Massage by instinct, but also discovered the power of healing that herb and a mineral possessed.. He is respected as "father of medicine" today and appears on the religious ceremony.

■Thai tradition medicine
In Thailand, Buddhism was introduced from India through the Buddhist priests who moved to Thailand around 2500 years ago. Iit is thought that the technique of the massage was introduced along with this. After that, the Theravada Buddhism that was the school of the Hinayana Buddhism was authorized as a state religion in 1292 by King Rama Khamheng, and Thai medicine started to develop as protected in Wat, temple, with deep connection with Buddhism. Unfortunately almost nothing is known how medicine developed historically before first half of the 19th century.

It was the Thai temple called Wat that was the center of the social life of people. Thai medicine was taught orally from masters to pupils over centuries. The medical texts were written on the leaves of coconuts, and kept as an authoritative book as buddhism sutra in Ayutaya era. But the invasion of Burma in 1767 destroyed them, almost everything from medical texts to sutra and goverment's records.

After that, the survived medical text were revived as inscription on the stone at Wat Pho at Bangkok by the third Thai king lama V in 1837. These records includes the energy line "sen" that flowst human body, and were curved on 60 stones both front and back drawings. These historic documents are still pictured in the wall of Wat Pho (a pula Che toe phone royal temple) and we can see them today.

■A relationship between Traditione and Buddhism
 The traditional massage that developed in Thailand was epracticed clinically as a medical cure for diseases from hundreds years ago. This massage is stronglyaffected by ancient India and China, and it is was told from a teacher to pupils, from mother to a child orally over long time. While Thailand is known as a country of the Buddhism, Thai temple called "Wat"used to be the center of communication of people. It was the place to learn Buddhism, and also massage technique. Before Western medicine was introduced, people consulted priests about the technique of massafe to cure and treat ill family. In this way, Nuad Bo 'Rarn has developed with deep connection with Buddhism. Before starting massage, we join both hands in front of our chiar to pray for health and happiness called "wai", which is the trace of the history that developed at temple. Wai means not only to make the receiver comfortable and healthy but to be thoughtful as a teaching of Buddhism.

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