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Employment Thai in Japan

■About the Thai employment in Japan
As for the thing of the assumption that I am cheaper than a Japanese and control work force by I employ a Thai therapist, and performing salon management, and big profit can anticipate, there is much consultation about the Thai employment, and it is put to TTMA. But, however, such a management is impossible practically. Because the reason is because there is the duty to pay a wage after having protected it of minimum wages of Japan when it employed a foreigner living in Japan. Then, not a hiring, I will think how when I concluded business relationship (duties trust contract). I do not surely fall under Minimum Wages Act because it is business between the former and the latter. However, foreign laborers coming to Japan to earn foreign currency always look for environment to be able to earn. There is really the Thai society living in Japan with it, and the information about good environment to be able to earn of the condition drifts immediately, and the information of the reverse reaches it immediately again. When I did the employment (use) of the foreign laborer of the illegal entry, the employer side is punished.

■The background of the Thai therapist in JapanIn the background of the Thai therapist in Japan, the cases that are the spouse of the Japanese man are often found mainly. It is a readily severe thing that I can hit a story with a Thai while I went to Thailand for a trip. The acquisition of the visa is necessary so that a foreigner sets to work in Japan, and, in the case of a Thai, it is reality that the period of several years suffers from several months till entry formalities are completed. Therefore I employ the Thai who has already acquired a visa in many cases. There is many possibility becoming the hotbeds of the crime, and the store employing an illegal immigrant causes the aggravation of the peace and order. When I found it, I will have I report it to the police and do it and disclose it.

■Thai passport control
There is the kind of some visas (a visa) so that a foreigner enters Japan. Generally it is tourist visa, marriage visa, student visa, 4 of the working visa, but only working visa and marriage VISA have working. For the acquisition of the working visa, it is limited to employment or an entertainment, but the duty results of the employment at the spot are set with ○○ year every type of job each. In addition, there is the rule that accepted educational background. About the Thai massage, I do not deserve employment to be different from the massage of the national qualification that Japan establishes. In other words it is that it is impossible to just interest the therapist of the Thai massage from the spot for reality.

■Matters that require attention when you employ a Thai and have dealings
That the foreigner living in Japan carries "an alien registration card" is established, but it is necessary to confirm "an alien registration card" by all means other than a resume in the case of the interview. It will be still desirable to keep a copy. There are matters that require attention about the income tax collected at the source. The income tax of the foreigner of under entrance one year subtracts 20%, and paying its tax is obliged to.

■Doing a transaction with a Thai
As for the condition when you do duties trust contract (a contract contract) with a Thai, decisions of 50% for sales are often found. Furthermore, because consciousness to act is hardly different from a Japanese, You prepare a house, and the condition that you eat more, and a manager bears entirely is added to there. If there is not mental attitude so as to say that you take care as a family than the sense making a transaction with a Thai, it may be difficult to conduct a business at a long-term span together.

■With a published by operation VISA procedure to the Thai afterwards
In business, a juridical person to employ can acquire a Thai business visa, and it is assumed that I was able to employ it happily. But it is not felt relieved. Even if the person resigns from a company for some kind of circumstances, I will continue maintaining an operation qualification in Japan for several years. In other words a change of job is a thing as thought if I have a visa in my hand once. There are a lot of stories that I do not go to my office immediately, and had not been heard of if I file for the visa.

■The accident compensation circumstances of the Thai salon
The surgical operation accident compensation of the Thai massage salon in the Thai spot is not got ready still more for the present. There seems to be the salon which does no consideration about accident compensation from such a reason in the salon in Japan by the Thai. Still, I become uneasy with ... if an accident happens. Of course there cannot be the salon where Japanese does not reach at all in the country. However, the that I learned Thai that it is easy looks good even if there are few one's bodies to protect it by oneself. "The simple Thai lecture to be usable by a massage" is this place.

■A method I let a Thai enter the country legally, and to run massage business
It is just an example, but introduces it. At first please do mixed marriage between a Thai formally. I can let a Thai enter the country legally if I do so it. I will have you learn Japanese thoroughly next. The reading and writing of the kanji will be necessary, too. Then I will have you go to school of the Japanese massage. A period is three years. And I will have you acquire the national qualification of the Japanese massage. It takes time, but, from 5 to 10 later, can run massage business with a Thai happily.

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