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Effects of Thai Massage

■■The effect of Traditional Thai Massage
The effect of Traditional Thai Massage amounts to not only relieving physical stiffness and stress,but also easing mental stress and irritation. This is so marvelous that Thai university hospitals adopt the massage as a medical treatment, and even in Japan, many doctors began to consider Traditional Thai Massage.These days, this massage often appears on TV and magazines.It is said that many desease come from mental stress. Those deseases include stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, erethism colitis, depression, autonomic imbalance, impotence, climacteric disorder, migraine headache, insomnia, alopecia area,etc. In the study of TTMA, Traditional Thai Massage is effective those deseases.Also Department of Public Health in Thai claims more than 60 kinds of effects of Nua 'Bo raan such as hypertension, bad circulation,
constipation, allergy, headache, diabetic, menstrual disorder, cold prevention, low blood pressure,
low appetite, asthma, anemia, and so on. The following table is the effects of Traditional Thai Massage published by Department of Public Health Thai.

An organic system The prevention / high blood pressure / low blood pressure / anemia / a blood circulation obstacle / poor circulation / a menstrual irregularity / sterility / asthma / allergy of prevention of poor digestion / chronic gastritis / constipation / diarrhea / inappetence / physical strength reinforcement / aging / a cold
The stiffness of the body, fatigue and a pain The tiredness of the whole body by fatigue stiffness / the fatigue of fishing / the foot of a pain / the foot of stiffness / rheumatism / the knee of a muscular pain / lumbago / stiffness in the shoulders / asthenopia / a neck and the back
Beauty system Retract corpulence prevention / overweight / a stomach, and take the abdominal superfluous flesh, and is beautiful, and do a waistline, and take the swelling of the foot, and is beautiful, and do the line of the leg; the decrease of metabolism promotion / the wrinkle of the skin
Mind system quiet insomnia / hysteria / excitement, and it is freed the irritation

■Yoga performed by two people
Traditional Thai Massage has a nickname of "yoga performed by two people". It is a characteristic that not only the client but therapist himself becomes healthy. One reason is acrobatic streching. Among many alternative medicines, most impose a burden on the waist of the therapist, as he has to push in a same position. When the client is seated or lying on the bed, it happens. However, Traditional Thai Massage can be taken on a single mat where therapist takes a variety of postures while massaging, minimizing the burden for his body as much as possible. Moreover, while massaging, he can strech himself and stimulate his pressure points with the body of the client, thus make massage effective for the therapist. The other reason is the breathing like meditation. When pressing, one exhale slowly to press and inhale when loosening. By breathing deeply to take in fresh oxygen, one can exercise. So, Traditional Thai Massage is a wonderful massage both client and therapist can benefit for health. This is why many therapists who engaged in other alternative medicines turn Thai Massage.

■Why is Traditional Thai Massage particular about legs?
Why is the Traditional Thai Massage particular about legs? There was an experiment that which massage
gave more effects to the body, leg or shoulder? A test subject stayed up all night last night and was very tired. Since circulation was bad, blood pressure was higher than usual and surface skin temperature was low. First, according to Nua 'Bo raan technique, he took leg massage (sole and whole legs). Then, his upper half of the body temperature rose, not only legs. Next, he took shoulder massage, but there was a slight increase in his shoulder temperature, and no big change in his body. In short, it is proofed that leg massage which often appears in Nuad 'bo raan not only relives leg mustle, but give good effects also to all the other parts of the body.

■secret of the leg muscle
Now we understood that the point of the massage oflegs accord with the point of the muscle of
the les. Among leg muscles, quadriceps muscle, located in front of thigh is the main points.
Then, what kind of secret is hidden in the leg mascles? Before it, let's look at physical structure from anatomical viewpoint. There are autonomy nerves running through all the human body. This autonomy nerves take charge of organs, blood, hormones, and immunity, and cannot be controlled by human mind. Muscles of legs and arms can be moved with human mind, but those are controlled by other nerves. When human feels tired, the effect of autonomy nerves also becomes slow. What happens if autonomy nerves did not work properly? First, organs cannot work well to digest foods, and nutrition cannot be absorbed well. Digestive organs would get worse, too.
Next, unbalance of hormones leads to menstrual irregularity. Third, lowering of immunity leads to catching a cold easily. In this way, autonomy nerves have an important role for human body. The experiment shows that leg massage normalized autonomy nerves. When autonomy nerves work actively, basal metabolism rises, which connects to effevtive diet.

■Legs are switches to the brain! ?
Then, is it possible to control autonomy nerves by massaging legs? There are many special switches in the big muscle of legs that work on the center of autonomy nerves in the brain. In particular, there are 3 times more switches in the legs than arms. In the experiment, those swithes were stimulated by massage, sending signals to the brain. This is why legs are called the switches to the brain. To stimulate this switch, it is important to push it with proper pressure.
Not too strong, but not too weak. Too much pain makes brain recognize the stimulation stress, and too weak stimulation cannot be read by brain. proper pressure is, as it is, "painful but comfortable".

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