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Activities of TTMA

■work on the spread of Thai traditional massages
It is originally one of the activity of TTMA to have at first many people know the alternative medicine that should bring a splendid effect. I participate in an event to have general people know a Thai ancient rite massage and hold an original event. The free trial seminar of the Thai ancient rite massage really gives lessons in the authorized school of TTMA as a meeting place.

■The maintenance of the Thai ancient rite massage industry and the disclosure of the corrupt supplier
It is the Thai ancient rite massage that should contribute to the health of hygienic, safe people, but as the popularity increases, I offer manners and customs service inside and it is overgrown with the vice supplier neglecting consideration of hygiene side and the security side and does an island. Therefore I think that I want you to spread right recognition in TTMA generally by telling you about the right information about the Thai ancient rite massage in a homepage and an e-mail magazine. In addition, the service that accept information from general people and the opinion about the salon, and is inadequate when lack of the consideration of the hygiene was found out safely, as for the thing of the cooperation system with each relations ministries and government offices, can advance by the disclosure of the vice supplier.

■The exercise that will make a Thai ancient rite massage a national qualification
In TTMA, I "will make a Thai ancient rite massage a national qualification"! I carry out "movement. In Japan, the Thai ancient rite massages are classified in a category called the private qualification now. Because it is private enterprise qualification same as reflexology and chiropractic, an aromatherapy massage, it is not recognized for quasi-medical practice like a massage massage chiropractor. However, the Thai ancient rite massage is coming to be the constant seller mark that there must be in the spa institutions in the world. Hygiene ministry gives an effect effect as follows in the Thai own country. The effect becomes high blood pressure, poor circulation, constipation, allergy, a headache, diabetes, a menstrual irregularity, the prevention of a cold, low blood pressure, inappetence, asthma, the anemia than 60 kinds. It may not be surely that a country recognizes it immediately even if there are various circumstances in Japan, and it says easily, and it says that it is a thing. I still expect what hygienic management gives a country by security, and come to be performed to spread the surgical operation methods that a member of we TTMA is splendid definitely.

■It recruits assenters to the TTMA activity.
We gather people approving of activity of such TTMA. I become a member of free agreement that never costs the expense and desire that I support our activity earnestly. Thanking you in advance. I ask for the registration to the member of TTMA free agreement from this place.

■Volunteer activity
The copy of the profit of TTMA is used as volunteer activity and contribution to the Thai underprivileged children.

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