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■A request of the support company recruitment / contribution
In TTMA, I work on various contribution to society through Thai tradition medicine. When I promote volunteer activity, I want to hear contribution from company and tradesman supporting and know it. I promote volunteer activity by a method such as follows to be concrete.

* For the person who is depressed mentally, I operate gratis.
* For a person attacked by illness, I operate gratis.
* For a person in need of it financially, I operate gratis.
* It faces each other towards advanced age and operates gratis.
* I have a problem physically and, for a person needing care, operate gratis.
* For children attacked by AIDS, I operate gratis.
* Teach Thailand ancient rite massage to a person awfully at a loss for life gratis.

In Japan, it will not be exaggeration now even if it says that social insurance system in itself collapses virtually without economy being restored before. The aggravation of the local finance continues, and political uneasiness continues, and most of nations feel uneasiness in the future, and about 30,000 various places are driven into the suicide in one year just to become clear. Actually numerical a little less than 1.5-2 times of this number; is supposed that commit suicide. This number is right height of the levels as one city becomes extinct. I feel that the modern society is right a level as you may say abnormally. I believe it when I can perform contribution to society by using this, and the Thai ancient rite massage is active it is originally means to give the love that made ends meet on mind of the Thai Buddhism, and to relieve people poor mentally of the body.

* I work on contribution to society as a company, but there is not a plan good concretely.
* I want to relieve the people who are poor with anything.
* I want to do contribution to society, but want to participate by contribution because I do not have time to move directly.
* You should contribute to the society as a company to build the better society.

If company having such a thought comes, please contact it. The contents of the support do not have the limit limitation in particular. Even a donation does not mind volunteer activity of TTMA as a backer. I dispatch the company-like staff and do not mind even form performing volunteer activity together. In addition, I think that there is many it even if there is the feeling when I do not understand it what kind of volunteer I should have done to be concrete. I will do the suggestion of the volunteer activity with the company-like name in TTMA.

■The PR of presentation / your company of the support company / contributor mark
We present an authorized contributor mark to company supporting activity of TTMA. I stick it on a homepage and a pamphlet, and please use it. I am nameless, but this logo mark is proof to reduce the capital which gathered as a company to its elements with contribution to society. Of course I will make a link to your company from this homepage. By the volunteer event, I will publicize the logo mark of your company.

For a company which had you cooperate-like merit,
1、For the world, I am recognized as "a company doing contribution to society".

2、Result of oneself is reduced to its elements by the society, and the working staff lead to motivation up that they are helpful for somebody.

3、It is said that the modern youth are chosen how long you carry out responsibility for the society and contribution than how long there is the popularity in consumption and business relationship. I can do company activity by the plan that I matched in the next generation.

4、Because I perform a link on WEB of TTMA or a special feature with precedence, it is it for an anti-SEO measure and access measures and is connected to upgrading of the corporate image and popularity up.

More cooperation is necessary for contribution to society volunteer activity of TTMA
application from people heartily.

■An application method
Please transmit an email in I put it in a title with "support company recruitment / contribution", and making entry of the following contents.

1、a company name or a personal name
2、an address phone number
3、e-mail address
4、the location or an address
5、support contents

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