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■Thai spa therapist qualification

Thai spa therapist qualification is a qualification to act as a professional therapist of the relaxation treatment using oil. It comes to be able to act by acquiring this qualification as a therapist of the aroma oil body treatment and reflexology.

■Advantage of Thai spa therapist qualification acquirer

□Merit 1
When you cause the accident massaging someone, security is received in the Japanese whole country. (Up to 100 million yen an accident. )
□Merit 2
.In the homepage, you are displayed as a professional recognition therapist qualification person. And, you can receive the work offer from the salon.
□Merit 3
A consultation of a free opening and a free job placement are received to you. And you can register to the TTMA therapist bank free of charge.
□Merit 4
You can act by registering in "Massage DELI" of the Japanese nationwide business trip relaxation massage.

□Merit 5
TTMA follows when you encounter the trouble starting work ahead by any chance and we lead you to the solution.


■Qualifications of candidacy for an examination
Having the technology of reflexology (foot massage) and the aroma oil treatment has qualifications of candidacy for an examination. Please submit the salon work proof if you have results learnt by the actual experience with the salon. Please bring the copy of the certificate though the coming from school doesn't ask to learning at the school.

■Outline of qualifying examination
Professional R class: Thai spa therapist
□The examination time required
1 hour and 30 minutes
(field test:foot massage 30 minutes,aroma oil treatment 60 minutes /written examination none)
□Examination fee
15,000 yen (including tax)
2.Copy or salon work proof of school certificate
3.ID photo (size 3 centimeter × 4 centimeter two photographs)
It is possible to take massage by passing from first to last, and polite pressure should be able to be done along the flow of the reflection district and the lymph. Level by which crisis-management to accident can be able to be done, and to offer always safe massage.
□Test methodology
The skill test does two of the foot massage and the aroma oil treatment in 90 minutes. (Because articles of consumptions such as oil and towels are prepared here, it is not necessary to bring them.)
□Test standard (mark of part)
1.You can do by passing without stopping from first to last.
2.You are able not to press bone, and to do the massage that adequately catches the reflection district and the muscle.
3.You understand the point of the reflection district.
4.You can manage hygiene.

□Therapist member registration
Because you register the TTMA member when you pass, sentences of the self promotion besides taking a picture with the digital camera are written, and an easy history is gotten.

The annual membership fee 18,000 yen (including tax) must be needed, and you must pay when you register the member though you will receive the adjustment of the accident amends after the first next month. As for Thai spa therapist's recognition certificate, the one that entered the amount of the pale brown is given. The half of amount is a recognition certificate concerning the technology and knowledge. The half is TTMA therapist membership card. The therapist membership card is renewed every year, and the new one is sent.


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