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A grade: Instructive Therapist

■A instructive therapist qualification

Instructive Therapist qualification is a qualification to act as TTMA official recognition school. In this qualification, the qualifying examination of "C class Primary therapist qualification" can be examined.

If you open a salon, and if you employ any staff, It is necessary to teach Thai massage . It comes to be able to guide basic Traditional Thai massage to the inexperienced person with a teaching material that TTMA recommends as an official recognition school in such a case.(B class cannot execute the qualifying examination, and request the execution of the examination from Instructive therapist).

Instructive Therapist of A grade can act as a proprietor of a crammer of TTMA official school "Thai Massage Juku ". In the TTMA official recognition school, because TTMA like the consultation of the opening and the job placement, etc. follows you after graduate of the participant, it is safe.

■Advantage of Instructive therapist qualification acquirer

□Merit 1

□Merit 2
1.It is possible to act as an official recognition school. In the official recognition school, you come to be able to guide a basic stage of Traditional Thai massage as a school business. When guiding it, the support can be received by using the text that TTMA supervised. Please see the page of the TTMA official recognition school recruitment in detail.

□Merit 3
2.You can do the successor's guidance promotion by joining Thai Massage Juku, and using space as a lecturer of Traditional Thai massage (proprietor of a crammer).

□Merit 4
3.You are a technical review and come to be able to recognize the qualification of "C class primary therapist qualification" as TTMA recognition examiner. The inexperienced person is consistently promoted, and "Primary therapist qualification" of TTMA can be issued. (The qualifying examination of "B class advanced therapist qualification" cannot be executed, and have AA class Teacher qualification person examine it. )

■Qualifications of candidacy for an examination
You must have Advanced therapist qualification.

■Outline of qualifying examination
Professional A class: Instructive therapist
□The examination time required
5 hours
(demonstration examination 180 minutes /guidance examination 90 minutes /interview 30 minutes)
□Examination fee
40,000 yen (including tax)
2.Writing materials
3.ID photo (size 3 centimeter × 4 centimeter two photographs)
You understand notes when the standard and massaging it understanding, and no massage of a typical disease. Moreover, TEWAZA is selected from the symptom of the client and the symptom can be eased. And, you can transmit an accurate basic technique to the inexperienced person, and can explain the meaning of each technique.
□Test methodology
The demonstration examination massages three kinds of in originals for 60 minutes demonstration of assembled massage. In the guidance examination, the guidance explanation of the massage is done to the examiner for 90 minutes. The written examination is a problem concerning the knowledge etc. of the energy line, the history, the effect effect, the medicine, and the industry. It is a question and answer of the idea concerning guidance and the personnel training in the interview.
□Test standard (mark of part)
1.The demonstration of the basic technique cuts you accurately by plurals.
2.You can explain understanding to the disease and the correspondence for the safety management.
3.You understand notes according to the symptom, and can select the technique for matching it to the physical condition.
4.You are good at a comprehensible couching.
5.You have knowledge of the concept of the Thai old fashioned massage.
□Therapist member registration
Because you register the TTMA member when you pass it, sentences of the self promotion besides taking a picture with the digital camera are written, and an easy history is gotten.
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