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Relationship with Thai Buddhism

■A relation with the Thai Buddhism
 Thai chaitya called "a watt" was ever a center of the communication of the common people. "The watt" was the place that learned a massage method with being the place that learned teaching of the Buddhism. The people talked about the technique of the massage with a priest and cured to treat an ill family in the past when Western medicine flowed in. Nuad bo rarn has been practiced as an ill cure clinically for some time in this way for several hundred years. This massage takes long time, and, from mother to a child, it is the thing which it is oral, it was told from a teacher to pupils. I perform joining hands it develops while having Buddhism and close relations, and "Wow" to be called it by the massage of the kite and give prayer with health happily, but this is the trace that accomplished development at a temple. It becomes only comfortable, and, there, teaching of the Buddhism to be considerate of a partner not only I become healthy is put. It may be said that it is necessary to understand a heart of the Buddhism without being seized with only form for a person wanting to be a Thai ancient rite massage.

■Thai Buddhism
 In the Kingdom of Thailand, 95% of the nation are pious Buddhists now. I understand it if I come, but Buddhism breathes for the life of the nation once. Wow the joining hands is natural almost as same as a Japanese lowering the head by an act to perform in the case of everyday greetings for Thai people.

 Some Thai Buddhism are different from Japanese Buddhism. Buddhism was opened up in India in the fifth century B.C., but the Buddhism that reached Japan passed through tibet from India and reached, China and was transmitted from the Korean Peninsura in Japan in 538. called "north biography Buddhism" "Mahayanist Buddhism". In contrast, the Thai Buddhism was called "south biography Buddhism" "higher seat Buddhism" and reached it from Sri Lanka and Myanmar in the thirteenth century.

 It was assumed that Buddha might change the religious precepts that were not important by an agreement of Sanger during the lifetime. When Buddhism spread in the Indian northern part after death of Buddha, I passed through a public group and basic division with the Theravada of the religious precepts maintenance to object to to order the revision of religious precepts and had branches and leaves division and entered hereby in the times of the sectional Buddhism because it was impossible in different north India of the appetite custom that I could finish religious mendicancy at before the midday.

■Higher seat Buddhism and Mahayanist Buddhism
 The higher seat Buddhism (じょうざぶっきょう, Theravada Buddhism) is one of the classifications of the Buddhism. I can be called "Sthavira", "テーラワーダ Buddhism", "south biography Buddhism", "Hinayana Buddhism" as other Japanese notation. The life to repeat limitless samsara for a characteristic of the doctrine is "pains (dukkha)". The cause of pains is deep attachment of the hearts. And I do the most effective method I quit the deep attachment of the heart, and to be delivered from samsara when it is learning of the Scripture, the strict observance of religious precepts, ascetic practices of the meditation. I fixed posture I protected religious precepts established by Buddha and wisdom and practice of the mercy to reach teaching, realization purely, and to be able to stream down to the root and trunk. In other words I quit worldly desires of the self, and there is it for the purpose of oneself getting deliverance. By the slight term from the "Mahayanist Buddhism" side that "the Hinayana Buddhism" thinks about only personal deliverance, this expression is assumed a taboo now.

 criticized a place of the formalism of the higher seat Buddhism in the Mahayanist Buddhism and, from the situation that I showed rice polishing God of Buddha, added various interpretation, and development on thought was planned. I do that it wakes up a heart (aspiration for Buddhahood) to want to save all creatures which at first there is in pain with a condition on it produces the Onori sacred books that number a great number of Buddha and many Bodhisattvas play an active part elsewhere of Buddha, and demanding the entering Nirvana of own, and it is a characteristic that all the public is based on a saved thought as well as personal deliverance.

■A life of Buddha
Buddha (Buddha, buddha) says the Buddha and says the person who opened "French realization" so as to be the best of the realization in the meanings such as the "person "person "people who realized" it who understood a body" who woke" in Indian Sanskrit.

1、the birth
  Buddha assumed King スッドーダナ of Shaka group father and was able to float in the world for life as mother with the wife who hated a mer. I took the rest in は which hated a mer on the way which faced the parents' house for delivery, Rumbini garden in the current Nepal southern part. It is said that a boy was born smoothly from the right side at the moment when he grew the right hand to take the blossoms of the side in an occasion on April 8, 563 before origin. The Crown Prince was named シッダールタ, and lost mother on the seventh day was brought up with an aunt.

2、a priest
  From about 7 years old, the Crown Prince sent Mainichi which worked hard at study and military arts. However, it is said that a heart needed to be never satisfied as for シッダールタ. I possessed delicate, strong sensitivity, and I came to tend to be gradually lost in meditation, and the boy of the kite was apt to often block it up. He will recollect it as follows later. "I was extremely comfortable about the food, clothing and shelter". However, though the general ignorant people grow old by oneself and suffer from disease and are destined to die, other people suffer from disease of old age and watch what die and are troubled and are ashamed and do even hatred. When it thought in this way, as for me, oneself was young, and it has completely proved in vain to live for health. King father スッドーダナ who worried about such Crown Prince made a princess called ヤショーダラ the Crown Prince. Among the two, a boy was born, but it is said that シッダールタ did not show a sign to be pleased with at all. For シッダールタ which had already strengthened the determination of the priest, the child was over only for restraint to disturb it. As for シッダールタ to the youth, according to general people, old illness sat on fear about death in this way from boyhood so as to be morbid. And I became a priest gradually and became an exerciser and want to have come to find the way which solved the suffering of the life. The birth of son ラーフラ was Crown Prince 29 years old, a thing just before the priest.

 At a certain dawn, シッダールタ leaves カピラヴァストゥ Castle at last. I shaved off own hair, and シッダールタ which became the mere exerciser left for Gaya where a lot of exercisers gathered in those days. シッダールタ is in the penance forest of ウッダカ, and it is said that I sent daily life to spend all its time ing penance of six years. He practiced penance to control a heart with a heart, penance to stop 息 / breathing of the breath to vomit to breathe and penance to do six months and fast (a fast) next for one week on 3rd on 2nd only on 1st. Furthermore, it is said that シッダールタ performed penance to be able to think to be the abnormality such as the next daringly.

* I stare at the sun of the incandescence and I walk and live on crawling with the body in a graveyard, and it is hurled a stone by a rowdy person and a child and I bear still it even if touched with a stick and sit in contemplation with I eat only grass like a cow and a sheep and eat cow dung and drink urine of oneself and I keep on I can lie, and standing from morning to evening and spend the body and am squatting down on the thorn and spend it, and having raised one hand or both hands on the top

 Because I repeated such an intense penance, it is said that it has seemed that "シッダールタ was already wasted" from neighboring ascetics. However, I did not give such penance of six years when I found any answer in him. I came to rather think the penance such as fasts to be meaningless without being useful in deliverance (the ease of the heart) just to torment a body. And シッダールタ put an end to penance at last. シッダールタ was considered to have "lost a qualification as the exerciser as for シッダールタ" from circumference. However, he did not mind such thing at all. Five exercisers who shared an action all the time for six years were disappointed at such シッダールタ and left his cause. I completely washed a dirty body for penance in a river nearby, and シッダールタ cleansed it. I felt pity for シッダールタ which became only the skin and bones, and village daughter スジャータ gave him milk rice porridge. And, as for him, I was absorbed in meditation in heart stillness under the tree of a certain アシュヴァッタ (or, ピッパラ). In spite of being various interference from the outside and inner emotional conflict and a fight.

And I watched Venus at a certain daybreak, and he did it suddenly, and Daigo did it. I became thing, Buddha who could realize it. In connection with this, the ground of this Gaya was called "Buddh Gaya", and, as for the tree of this アシュヴァッタ, it was called "a linden tree" again.

4、missionary work
  He who became Buddha appeared on the trip of the missionary work I preached it, and to show the truth that oneself acquired by experience in many people this time. It is said that the first sermon was performed for five exercisers who ever left him in サルナート (a Shikano garden). I included Buddha in here, and the first Buddhism religious community (Sanger) by 6 was formed. Missionary work in the various places in マガタ country / Kosala was performed and converted the pupils of 1,000 Brahman religious communities, pupil Sariputta (舎利弗) of sun Djaja which advocated skepticism who led three カッサパ brothers of ウルヴェーラ and モッガーラナ (eyes) and them such as 250 in sequence, and the religious community swelled afterwards. King マガダ Bimbisara often visits Buddha who depended on soul Washiyama, and it is said that I erect a Takebayashi monastery and did oblation of this to Buddha. The Takebayashi monastery became the first monastery in the Buddhism. Furthermore, Pasenadi of the King of Kosala adored teaching of Buddha deeply, too. The Sudatta central figure who did oblation of Jeta's temple was a merchant of the Kosala country. The teaching of Buddha influenced people widely, and the life of the religious community came to be stable by the great offering to a priest from a supporter in this way. However, I hated the actual situation of a far religious community from the common sense of the ex-ascetic, and there was one pupil who had antipathy to teacher Buddha. The name is called Devadatta (many deva). The ground avoids it at last, and it is said with Buddha with a bow and an elephant by homicide which I gain the favor of Prince アジャータ of the マガダ country and induced by killing of father King Bimbisara, evildoing of the diversity that I fell into the hell. Many of tradition concerning him are too extreme, and it is thought that the most were made in history. It was a genuine fact that he was going to become the leader of the religious community in place of aged Buddha, but the things which maintained a religious community prepared Devadatta to a suitable "scapegoat" because I was afraid of the division of the religious community. There may be the intention of Buddhist Scriptures letting him always appear as a person of the atrocity in such a place.

5、case extinction
  Buddha who tried for missionary work between 40 several years finally realizes the death. I decided the date of the case extinction and he was with アナンダ and went for the last trip. Buddha beyond 80 years old already went to Rumbini of the country of birth to whip the body which weakened. And, for the middle, I died at last in a place called クシナガラ. Buddha who lay with a saul spoke to アナンダ calmly. I "fall, and every thing goes". I work hard to be devoted without neglecting it, and finish the ascetic practices. This became the words of the last of Buddha. The following legend is left in Thailand. I compound it, and the Korean lawn grass basket mullah bat teacher who was a member of Sanger gave only the medicine which can cure illness of Buddha in anything with one tablet, but, as for Buddha, it is said that it was destroyed a case on schedule without receiving it. The Rev. Korean lawn grass basket mullah bat meditates with deep sorrow in a cave, and it is said that I finished writing many medical books. The medical book serves as great contribution to the people of coming ages and respects Rev. Korean lawn grass basket mullah bat as "a medical father" now in Thailand.

■Four hearts of the massage
 In religious teachings of the Buddhism "perform the massage for four hearts". There is it with ". I classify concepts called "the love" in 4 and persuade. With the 4 メッター (is kindness, loving kindness), カルナー (vicarious joy), ウペッカー (quiet, 4 of equanimity) feel pity, and to be pleased to become compassion), the body of ムディター (another person,.) In Thailand, mind of such service was taught through Buddhism, and the Thai medicine has been protected from commercialism in such a background. From such a reason, the Thai massage is the thing which has been performed as a part of the social service as an event of the temples of the Buddhism. However, it became inarticulate, and, with the promotion of the Western medicine, there was gradually the role of the temple about the health side in the time when the Thai massage wandered by the dark times. However, coexistence with the Western medicine came to be thought about as the method that the massage was healthy again, and was very effective today. I greet the 21st century, and an action to new medicine began, but must not forget that it is love based on teaching of Buddha that drift to the root.

1、メッター(A heart of 慈, kindness)
 For the thing which there is all life, I preach that I have a heart of the love. Like thought for one's relative, I teach that I have a feeling to be considerate of another person in the same way as one's thing.

2、カルナー(A heart of 悲, pity)
 I "get rid of the pains of the person" I preach a thing. I teach that I want to do it what which wants to get rid of the pains if I see a person suffering from a pain it is.

3、ムディター(I am pleased to become a heart of the joy, the body of another person)
  I preach that I am pleased with the happiness of another person like one's thing. I teach what I can be pleased with obediently without having jealousy feeling.

4、ウベッカー(A heart of 捨, quiet)
 I abandon selfish judgment and preach that I watch the figure of the straight fact. I teach a heart to watch all people equally without having a preconception.

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